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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Nggamel Tourism, Refreshing While Preserving the Culture

Publish 01-11-2011 11:16:46 by Admin

Jogja,—In this world of modern age, taking a vacation has becoma a life necessity. This kind of need is generally fulfilled by going to natural tourism objects, visiting temples or museums, watching art performances. However, they are all passive tourism activities because tourists merely enjoy the objects, not being actively involved in any activities. This is said by the founder as well as the Headmaster of Jogja School of Art (SSJ), M. Ahmad Jalidu.

Considering this, SSJ cooperates with Narti’s Silver of Kotagede, Yogyakarta in holding a special tourism program called Nggamel Tourism. “Nggamel Tourism is a refreshing program of giving tourists the experience of playing Javenese Gamelan within a short course of time. This is called an active tourism given that tourists are actively involved,” explained Jalidu.

Further, Jalidu explained that in Nggamel tourism tourists will get the chance to play gamelan instruments for an hour or two taught by SSJ experienced teaching staff Sugito Hadi Padma. They will play the simple gamelan composition. “Tourists do not only listen to but also play the compositions of Javanese gamelan,” he added.

Nggamel Tourism is open for everyone; students, college students, employees, and foreign tourists from all ages. After joining Nggamel Tourism at Pendopo Narti’s Silver at Tegal Gandu Street No 22 Kotagede, tourists can continue their tour to silver craft complex in Kotagede. Nggamel Tourism costs Rp 60,000 per person.

Jalidu believes that by learning how to play gamelan (nggamel) tourists refresh their mind through the gamelan composition they are playing. “Not only does it refresh your mind, by joining this program you are also taking part in preserving and developing Gamelan. When the governement and cultural intellectuals are puzzled over the strategy on how to socialize gamelan and karawitan, you have indirectly done it while you are having a vacation at the same time” Jalidu stated. ** (Elisabeth Murni)

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