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Turi Agricultural Tourism

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A. Brief Information

Neither a botanical expert nor an agricultural expert generated the idea of making Zalacca edulis (salak) gardening area, named Turi Agricultural Tourism in Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta Province. The person was actually a professor of dental faculty named Sudibyo. The professor has many experiences in the development of Zalacca edulis since he was in Junior High School (about 1958). From those experiences, he tried to find a way to replace Zalacca edulis without letting it die.

Then, Sudibyo persuaded the local people to develop Zalacca edulis. Although the people doubted it in the beginning because they must have ignored other plants, they finally followed Sudibyo‘s advice. Gradually, this activity became the specialty of Turi people and finally Sudibyo aroused an idea to found Turi Zalacca edulis Agricultural Tourism area in 1988. This Turi Agricultural Tourism was legally opened since 1994.

B. Distinctive Features

Besides for its well-kept ecosystem condition, Turi Agricultural Tourism area becomes special because of its Zalacca edulis. Tourists can see the unique Zalacca edulis because the top part of it is like oil palm tree. It is so beautiful to see thousands of Zalacca edulis which are arranged in such a nice way in Turi Agricultural Tourism area.

In this agricultural tourism area which is located in 200-meter depth above sea surface, the tourists can go around the huge Zalacca edulis garden with a tourist guide. After going around the garden, tourists can eat Zalacca edulis which are picked when going around the garden in a place which has been provided by the agricultural tourism manager. The pulpy part of the fruits which grow in the lower part of this plant is very sweet and does not stick on its seed as Zalacca edulis fruits in general.

Besides, while enjoying the cool air in this area, the tourists can continue the trip in one of the reliable gardens of Turi Agricultural Tourism named Nusantara Garden (Kebun Nusantara). In this 2-hectare garden, the tourists can see 17 kinds of Zalacca edulis. Those 17 kinds of Zalacca edulis are super Zalacca edulis, yellow Zalacca edulis, black Zalacca edulis, condet Zalacca, manggala Zalacca, gading Zalacca, semeru Zalacca, and tanonjaya Zalacca.

The guide will also take tourists to places of several herbs which are developed in this agricultural tourism area. The herbs which can be found are Curcuma xanthorthiza, Zingiber officinale, Averrhoa belimbi, Kaempferia galanga, etc.

C. Location

This agricultural tourism area is located in Gadung, Kebun Keto Village, Turi Sub-district, Sleman Regency, D.I. Yogyakarta Province, about 25 km from Yogyakarta City.

D. Access

If we go to this agricultural tourism area by private transportations from the city center; Malioboro and its surroundings, it needs about 40 minutes. Besides going by private transportations, the tourists who are interested in this agricultural tourism can go by Trans Jogja bus, route 2A from the city center with charge as much as IDR 3.000 (March 2008). Then, the tourists get off in Trans Jogja halt which is located in Jombor Terminal. In this terminal, the tourists move to a small bus ‘Jogja-Turi‘ route. This bus will take you to Turi Agricultural Tourism location.

If the tourists depart from the capital of Sleman Regency, the travel will take only 20 minutes by private transportation to this agricultural tourism area. However, the tourists can also reach the location by ‘Jogja-Turi‘ buses which pass the main road of Jogja-Magelang.

E. Ticket Price

The tourists, who want to explore this Zalacca edulis garden (the main zone of agricultural tourism) 27-hectare wide, are asked for charge as much as IDR 2.000,00. However, if the visitors want a tourism packet to pick Zalacca edulis directly in the garden, they will be asked for special charge, about IDR 8.000,00 (March 2008).

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

Besides showing the beauty of Zalacca edulis, the Turi Agricultural Tourism Area also provides other facilities; they are swimming pool, fishing pond, paddle boats, and playground for children. The tourists will be accompanied by a tourist guide who knows the detail of Zalacca edulis in this area very much.

Because there is no inns in this area, the tourists can stay in one of the hotels or inns which is located in Palagan Tentara Pelajar Street (the street which is passed to reach the location).



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