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Lagoi Beach

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A. Overview

Lagoi Beach is one of the pride and the main interests of Bintan Regency in Riau Isles Province, Indonesia. As a world class tourism destination, it has a magnificent landscape view and clean look. In addition to the natural atractiveness, the hospitality of the indigenes and the beautiful view of coconut trees lining on the beach also become the special features of this tourism area.

Near Lagoi Beach there are several interesting places, each of which offers exotic panorama such as Sebong river and mangrove forest. Some resorts are built around the beach area to facilitate the tourists to longer enjoy the natural beauty of Lagoi Beach.

B. Feature

Visiting Lagoi Beach means whole day strolling around the beach to enjoy the warmness of the sun, splashing waves, and feel the sand under your bare foot. You will be amazed of its clean, fresh, pure blue water which will make you can`t stand yourself to feel it touch your skin. Swimming in this beach will be another special moment in your life because while you are swimming, you can also watch the beautiful underwater view.

If all the beach activities make you tired, you can take rest in several resorts near the beach. The resorts usually facilitate their visitors with golf area, swimming pool, spa, and equipments for diving and snorkeling.

In addition to the beach, this area also offers another interesting activity that is worth trying: boating along Sebong River. You can see mangroves; rhizophora, pandanus, and the rare nipa palm grow along the river banks. When you are lucky, you can see wild animals drink from the river.


For those who like fishing, fishermen living on the mouth of the river provide you some small huts built from mangrove woods and nipa palm that are used to fish bilis and squids. You can rent those huts to try your luck and see how many fish and squids you get.

After fishing, exploring the mangroves on Sebong River will be gratified. The water in the mangrove area is divided into three zones: salty, brackish, and plain water. The vegetation in every zone is different. In the salty zone, you will see rizhophora. Brugueira grow in the brackish zone, while the plain zone is the perfect place for xylocarpus.

C. Location

Lagoi Beach is located in North Bintan sub regency, Bintan regency, Riau Isles province, Indonesia.

D. Access

To reach Lagoi Beach, you can start from Tanjung Pinang by taxi, travel, or rent a car. It takes 1.5 hours from Tanjung Pinang to Lagoi. If you are from Batam, your starting point is from Telaga Punggur sea port. From Telaga Punggur, you should take the speed boat to Tanjung Uban which costs Rp 30,000,- per person. From Tanjung Uban you can reach Lagoi Beach by taxi and it takes 15-25 minutes. Another option for you to reach Tanjung Uban from Telaga Punggur except the speed boat is ferry which operates 3 times in a day (December 2008).

E. Ticket

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F. Accommodations and Facilities

Lagoi Beach provides its visitor with many facilities such as hotels, villas, restaurants, souvenirs stands, restroom, large parking area, fishing equipment rental, and many more. There are also some kiosks provide you with the special cuisine of Riau such as gonggong and otak-otak. Gonggong is made of sea snail cooked like sate, while otak-otak is made from fish.

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