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Ngrenehan Beach

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A. Overview

Ngrenehan Beach is one out of tens of beaches extending at the southern coastal line of Yogyakarta. Although Ngrenehan is not as popular as the other beaches like Baron, Kukup, Krakal or Sadeng, it offers various interesting and abundant coastal tourism attractions. Some of them are the lovely coral clusters at the beach, the white sand, the waves of the Southern Sea, sea food and the daily activities of the fishermen.

Historically, the name Ngrenehan was given by the King of Demak named Raden Fatah, the son of Prabu Brawijaya V, the King of Majapahit who ruled from 1464 to 1478 AD. Once, Raden Fatah came to this region in search for his father who had run away with his two wives (Dewi Lowati and Bondang Surati) because they refused to embrace Islam. He did not find them however. He then asked the nobles of Demak Kingdom to discuss the way to find his parents. This was how the term pangrena emerged, which means “summoning”. The word reneh means “here”. The local people then combined both words into ngrenehan which means “summoning here”.

Physically, Ngrenehan is almost similar to Baron Beach, only narrower. Ngrenehan is a gulf as vast as 100 m2 wedged by two headlands protruding to the sea so as preventing big waves of the Indian Ocean from splashing straight to the coast. The walls of the coral hills have small holes which resemble caves due to the continuant strong splash of the waves.

When entering Ngrenehan area, tourists will be welcomed by rows of food stalls on the right and left sidewalk. Among them there is a white building which is the fish auction market. On the right edge of the stalls there is a joglo house where fishmongers sell their fresh captures.

Since decided as a fishing harbor at around 1980s, this beach is always busy with the fishermen in the morning. Some of them would prepare their boats and fishing equipment before sailing. It gets busier at 10 or 11 when the fishermen return from the sea. The stall owners are also busy serving sea food for the tourists. For sea food lovers, visiting Ngrenehan beach on September and December is the best time because in these months fishermen catch the most fishes.

B. Features

As soon as arriving at Ngrenehan Beach, tourists can relax at the stalls while enjoying drinks of many choices after the long trip. If tourists arrive before midday, they can order sea food right away. They will not have to wait because the fish are ready to serve in a minute. But if they arrive earlier than 10 a.m., then they must wait a bit longer because the fishermen may still be off-shore.

While waiting for their order, tourists can walk around the beach enjoying the surrounding panorama. Not only do they get to enjoy the beautiful coral hills and white sand, they can also spend time playing with the waves or looking closer at the fishermen activities repairing their boat, making nets, lifting their captures and weighing the fish in the auction market. Those fishing lovers can join the fishermen to the edge of the corals.

If wanting to see the exotism of Ngrenehan wide landscape, climb the coral hills through several steps on them. Tourists must always be careful because the steps are steep. Enjoying the vast landscape of Ngrenehan Beach is a real refreshment.

In certain occasions, fishermen hold some rituals of floating offerings in Ngrenehan. The first ritual is the Kliwonan which is held every Friday and Tuesday Kliwon (the fifth day of the five-day week in Javanese calendar). In this ritual, fishermen float offerings which consist of various flowers and fruits to the sea as a gift to the invisible believed to be the tutelary spirit or ruler of the Southern Sea. The second one is the labuhan ceremony which is held every night of Ashura 1st (Muharram 1st). This is a public and important ritual because it involves almost all local people of Ngrenehan. Thus, the cost for performing this ritual is quite huge, almost five million rupiahs. Most of the money is spent for the puppet show and campursari music performance and of course for the offerings.

On Ashura 1st, tourists can see the processions of people in Javanese traditional clothes carrying offerings marching towards the sea. They are going to float the offerings to the sea using boats. The ritual aims so as the fishermen stay away from the disturbance of the ruler of the Southern Sea and to hope for abundant fortune from the sea.

C. Location

Ngrenehan Beach is administratively included in Kanigoro Subdistrict, Saptosari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Special Province of Yogyakarta.

D. Access

Ngrenehan beach is approximately 30 km from Wonosari downtown or 60 km south of Yogyakarta City. To reach this beach, tourists can pick one of the two main routes. The first route is Yogyakarta – Gading – Playen – Trowono – Ngrenehan Beach, while the second one is Yogyakarta city – Wonosari downtown – Paliyan – Trowono – Ngrenehan Beach.

Both routes are accessible by public and private transportations. If taking a public transportation, tourists will be dropped at Trowono only for no public transports operating up to the beach.

E. Ticket

The entrance ticket to Ngrenehan Beach is Rp 3,000. This charge includes the entrance ticket to Ngobaran Beach which is next to Ngrenehan. So, with only Rp 3,000 tourists can enjoy the view of two beaches.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

Some of the supporting facilities in Ngrenehan Beach include small mosque, fish auction market, food stalls, public convenience, and parking lot. If tourists want to take some fresh fishes for family back home, they can go to the fish market. There are tuna, mackerel, snapper, rayfish, and more. They are sold at reasonable price and they are available for bargain. However, since there is no electrical network and inn available, it is suggested that tourists visit the beach at daytime.


Translation: Apri Widiastuti


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