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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Pasir Panjang Beach

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A. Brief Information

Pasir Panjang Beach encompasses Tanjung Medang, Teluk Rhu, and Tanjung Punak. The local government of Bengkalis District will set the location as the first priority of worth visiting tourism destination.

B. Distinctive Features

Its white sand that is clean and seems like spreading out of grain pearl, is a right place for having sun bath or other activities. The turquoise water is clean, luring visitors to get plunge into the water or dive. Along this 12 km long beach, you can do any activities such as skiing, or renting motorized boat. Surrounding islands such as Ketam Island, Mentete Island and Baru Island are plus point of the destination improving the panoramic view of the beach. At daylight, you can watch Malaysia across the sea in the distance. At evening, when the sun is going to set, many fish-birds jump upon the sea surface. At clear night, you will see numerous flickering lamps of fishermen’s boats in Malaccan Strait. In the destination, you can do any transaction for trading and selling using Indonesia Rupiah or Malaysian Ringgit.

C. Location

Pasir Panjang Beach is situated in Teluk Rhu Village, North Rupat Sub-district, Bengkalis District, Riau Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Considering the location that is near to Dumai City, it can be accessed easily by water transportations like motorized boat for about two hours. For you coming from Pekanbaru, you can take water transportations passing by the Siak River, and then stop in Bengkalis. From Bengkalis, the journey is continued by renting speed boat for a day with a million rupiahs for its cost. After being in Rupat Island, there are two alternatives for you to reach the destination, directly go to the white sandy beach of Teluk Rhu, and the last one is directly come to the harbour. Tanjung Medang is the only harbour and the gateway to the destination. For you choosing through Teluk Rhu, you must stop in the middle of the sea, around 60 meters from land, then some traditional boats will pick you up to reach the destination. It is about 15 minutes to reach Tanjung Medang from Rhu Bay by renting motorcycle.  

E. Ticket Price

In the confirmation process

F. Accommodations and other Facilities

There is a 24-hour lodgement around the location for you who want to spend more days.  


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