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Siung Beach

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A. Overview

It will not be good if a visit in Yogyakarta ends without having some of the beaches on the list. Parangtritis Beach is one of the most popular among tourists. Beside it is easy to reach, the beach is relatively close to Yogyakarta downtown. However, those who have visited the beach must want to seek for other beaches to visit. For them, Gunungkidul beaches are recommended. The regency, which is situated in the karst area in the south part of Yogyakarta, offers coastal beauty that is quite beautiful.

Tens of beaches span from West to East, until the border of Wonogiri, Central Java. Most of the beaches are still natural and relatively “virgin”. Some of them like Baron, Kukup, Sundak, and Krakal have long been known by tourists. But the likes of Sadranan, Sepanjang, Wediombo, Ngrenehan, sound unfamiliar to tourists whereas they are more beautiful than those mentioned previously.

One of these unpopular beaches is Siung. Although not yet as famous as Baron, for rock climbing lovers, this beach is a must-visit. Situated in Tepus District, nearly 100 km from Yogyakarta, the beach offers challenging climbing track and a breathtaking oceanic scenery at the same time. Therefore, many rock climbers come to conquer the steep rocky hills in the beach. Not only local and national climbers, there are foreign climbers coming there.

Before famous for being a rock climbing arena, Siung Beach was an abandoned, difficult to reach, and quiet beach. It is no wonder that even now the beach remains unknown for many people. However, since it was opened as a rock climbing arena in 2000, one by one tourist started to visit this place. Inaugurated by Yogyakarta Regional Government in September 2005, Siung Beach started to do some preparations and renovations. Siung Beach then grew more famous after chosen as the venue for Asian Climbing Gathering 2005 which was attended by 250 rock-climbers from 6 countries (Singapore, Germany, France, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia).

Today, Siung Beach is often crowded by tourists, especially on weekends and holidays. Student Environmentalist Clubs (MAPALA) from numerous universities as well as climbers from Indonesian Rock Climber Forum (FPTI) often hold workshop or training in the area on Saturdays and Mondays.

B. Features

Mounds of karst and banyan trees present unique scenery along your trip to the beach. Bumpy and windy road is the first thing you have to cope with. It is surely exhausting but it all will vanish as you set foot on the white sand of the beach. Breeze and waves pounding on the shore can refresh your mind. Your weariness and anxiety will fade away.

In the beach, which is in fact quite vast, tourists can do many things such as playing with waves and sand, fishing, or playing volleyball. Being the less-crowded area, even more like a quiet area, the beach serves you as if you are its owner. You do not have to worry about spaces to play or take picture because there are many spacious spots in the beach you can explore more. If the sun is up, there are shady trees and small huts to protect you from the heat. Enjoying meal there with the accompaniment of light breeze and sounds of the waves is a special moment for everyone. If you do not bring food from home, there are stalls that sell seafood at relatively low prices.

After playing at the shoreline, you can hike to the steep karst cliffs in the west of the beach. These cliffs are where the rock climbers do their thing. In the middle of the cliffs, there is a space that can be used for camping ground where people usually put their campfire on. From above, you can see Siung Beach entirely from one end to another. It is such a beautiful view up there.

The cliffs in Siung Beach are heaven for rock climbers. There are around 250 climbing routes with varied difficulty levels. It is not too much then, when many people tip the beach as “the best rock climbing site in Yogyakarta”. If lucky, you can meet a group of climbers training in one of the cliffs. They usually like to share their knowledge. Greet them and you may be asked if you would like to try to climb one of the cliffs. However, to do that, stamina and courage are inevitably required.

The best time you can get in Siung Beach is in the afternoon. From upon the cliffs you can see the dawn and the sunset. This is the best moment for taking picture.

C. Location

Siung Beach is situated in Wates, Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunungkidul Regency, Special Province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

D. Access

The easiest access to reach the beach that is 98 km away from Yogyakarta is through the main route of Yogyakarta-Wonosari-Tepus-Purwodadi-Siung. If you are not taking your private vehicle, you can start your trip from Giwangan Bus Station. Take a bus to Wonosari and as you get off at Wonosari Bus Station, take a minibus to Tepus Bus Station. From there, continue your trip by ojek (motorcycle taxi). Aside from this, there is another route, i.e. from Wonosari Bus Station, head for Jepitu Village by minibus and stop at Siung Fork. You can get to the beach by ojek from there.

If coming in group, it is recommended that you rent a car in Wonosari Bus Station that can take 6-10 passengers. This way, you do not need to change vehicles because the car will take you straight to Siung Beach. By private vehicles, it is a lot easier. You can take either Yogyakarta-Patuk-Wonosari-Tepus route or Yogyakarta-Imogiri-Panggang-Wonosari-Tepus. Both present beautiful views along the way.

E. Ticket

Very little amount of money is needed to enjoy the beach. Each visitor is charged Rp 3.000,00 for entrance ticket. If coming by motorcycle, there is also a Rp 2.000,00 extra charge for parking.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

Since Siung Beach is far from town, it is understandable that the area only has standard facilities such as parking lot, public convenience, and food stalls. Beside, there are small seafood restaurants as well. You are not going to be disappointed by the menu as the fishes are fresh right from the boat.

However, you will not find any hotel around Siung Beach. No need to worry though. To make up for hotels, there is a climber cottage to stay over that accommodates 12-15 people. If you want to feel the nature, you had better carry your tent and set it up at the camping ground behind the coral cliffs.

Elisabeth Murni

Translation: Reza Daffi (trans/16/06-10)


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