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Trisik Beach

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A. Overview

Trisik Beach is one of the main tourism attractions of Kulon Progo Regency. It offers scenic panorama especially at dawn or dusk. Not far from the beach there are green rice fields and coconut plantations owned by the local people. Enjoying this view are perfect for urban people after exhausting routines.

Aside from the beach view, the daily activity of the local people living at the surrounding of Trisik Beach is also something interesting. There are the fishermen at the fish auction market and the turtle preservation. These activities are potential for tourism attraction if managed seriously, creatively and innovatively. The fact is that they are not. Lacking knowledge on spatial and coastal management is one of the main causes.

The exotic rural area and its fishing activity is the common view you will find as you arrive at the beach. There you can see rows of motorboats that people use to fish, food stalls made of gedhek (bamboo panels) where you can quench your thirst.

B. Features

The strong village atmosphere differs Trisik Beach from the other beaches in Kulon Progo. The fact that local people make use of the coastal area and the sea as their means of support also add to the strong rural atmosphere.

The fish auction market is one of the spots you will see when entering the beach area. This is the heart of the locals’ activities who are mostly fishermen. Usually, the place gets busy soon as they return from sailing.

On certain occasions, you may also see various birds flying around the beach. Trisik is in fact one of the transit of migratory birds from many places. Some of these birds are the marsh sandpipers, waders, wood sandpipers, red-necked stint, Pacific Golden-Plover, Little Ringed Plover, and swiflet.

There are also the non-migratory birds such as the cattle agret, and glossy swiflet, blue-banded kingfisher. Trisik beach is a potential tourism destination. Aside from the beach sand and splashing waves, the locals’ daily activities give tourists another reason to come. The beach is situated at the side of the main road thus accessible by private vehicle.

If you walk westwards following the asphalt road toward Glagah Beach, you will see the other activity of the local people. On the right and left of the road, you can see people spreading out water hyacinth in the sun. They derive the plant from Ambarawa and dry them to be sold to the craftsmen who would make them into various items such as bag, slipper and boxes. The crafts are marketed to town and craft businessmen all over Indonesia for finishing process. In this process they usually add accessories to beautify the crafts. Although still run in small scale, the water hyacinth processing obviously gives revenue to the local people.

C. Location

Trisik Beach is administratively included in Galur District, Kulon Progo Regency, Special Province of Yogyakarta.

D. Access

It takes ±1.5 hours from Yogyakarta downtown to Trisik Beach by road trip. Tourists can take a Bantul – Purworejo bus which pass Palbapang and Srandakan. Arriving at Srandakan, tourists must continue to Brosot passing the 600 meter bridge across Progo River. There is still another 5 km road before arriving at Trisik Beach. Tourists can take one of the traditional transportations such as dokar, andong, or sado (all are special horse-cart of Yogyakarta).

E. Ticket

The entrance ticket to Trisik Beach is Rp 2,000 (July 2006).

F. Accommodations and Facilities

The supporting facilities are relatively inadequate. The buildings and roads towards the beach are not well-maintained and it seems that they are abandoned. But tourists should not worry since there are food stalls where tourists can relieve their weariness after the long and hard trip. The stalls offer various snacks and drinks such as green coconut ice.

Adi Tri Pramono

Translation: Apri Widiastuti


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