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Putri Cave

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A. Brief Information

Putri Cave  is 159 meters in depth, 8-20 meters in width, and 20 meters in high. There is an underground river flowing to the Ogan River within the cave. The cave is a right destination for nature escapade tour.

B. Distinctive Features

Inside the cave, you will see hundred years old of stalactites and stalagmite. Around the destination, you will be offered with magnificent view of surrounding nature. Having a visit to Cave Putri, you will find tranquil holiday ever while enjoying the sensation of revealing the mystery of Cave Putri.

C. Location

Putri Cave  lies in Padang Bindu Village, Pengandonan Sub-district, Ogan Komering Ulu District.

D. Access

You can take public transport from Baturaja City passing by Muara Enim. It is around 35 kms away.

E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodation and other Facilities

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