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Golla Kambu

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A. Overview

Visiting West Sulawesi, especially to Polewali Mandar, seems incomplete if we did not taste the typical cake named Golla Kambu. This one of the traditional cakes of Mandar people has become an icon of culinary tourisms in West Sulawesi. Therefore, it is easy to find this traditional cake in many places in Polewali Mandar because it widely spread around the city.

Looking from the shape and taste, Golla Kambu is almost similar to Wajik Klethik, a traditional cake of Java formed in diamond shapes. However, Golla Kambu is a simple cake formed in box shapes with brown fibrous. The package is also simple wrapped in dried banana leaves, which not pretty as modern cakes as we find on stores.

Although it looks simple, do not ever doubt the delicacy of Golla Kambu. The sweet and chewy taste is guaranteed to make you addicted. One bite and you will certainly taste the incomparable feel of other cakes.

The main ingredients used to make this chewy, sweet taste, and sticky texture Golla Kambu is glutinous rice. It also requires the grated coconut and brown sugar mixed into a container with the glutinous rice and being cooked in several hours.

During the cooking process, stir the mixture of glutinous rice, grated coconut, and brown sugar to become little harder or little dense. The dough is then shaped into a small box wrapped in dried banana leaves. After the wrapping process is finished, this traditional cake of Mandar is ready for sale or for own consumption.

B. Features

The peculiarity of Golla Kambu can be found on its sweet and sticky. The sweet taste produced from the cake is an original flavor of sugar. The blend of fiber from two ingredients, which are grated coconut and glutinous rice, adds to its unique texture. Moreover, the main ingredients used to make this traditional cake are derived from natural ingredients that absolutely contain rich of nutrition.

On later development, Golla Kambu has been innovated into many tastes. In addition to its original flavor, a sweet taste and sticky, the cake is now presented with various different flavors, including the flavor of durian, nut, chocolate, and many others. The way to add flavor is also quite easy by simply add preferred flavor during the process of cooking the mixture. We also should not worry because the flavors used in Golla Kambu are derived from the original fruits instead of chemicals.

Amazingly, the validity of Golla Kambu can last for months with quality guaranteed, even though it does not use preservatives. Therefore, this traditional cake of Mandar is very suitable to bring back home as souvenir when visiting West Sulawesi.

Golla Kambu becomes more delicious accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or as a dessert, and served to guests. This typical cake when the holy month of Ramadan arrives is usually used for Iftar menu by the community of West Sulawesi. Therefore, it is not only the Mandar people who bond of this cake but also the West Sulawesi people. The deliciousness of the cake has also been known to Makassar (South Sulawesi) and even to Palu (Central Sulawesi).

Usually, Golla Kambu becomes the most wanted cake during the fasting month of Ramadan. If Ramadan arrives, the West Sulawesi people who work as Golla Kambu have to work harder to meet the demands from public who seek the cake more than any usual days, which can reach thousands of Golla Kambu within a day in one home industry.

The increased demand is usually not coming from the West Sulawesi and surrounding areas only, but also from major cities in Indonesia. This positive situation seems promising for Golla Kambu makers whose lives depend on this industry. On average, the amount of revenue received in one day can reach to 1 to 2 million rupiah.

C. Location

Golla Kambu is actually quite easy to find because this typical cake of Mandar is available in many places in Polewali Mandar and other places in West Sulawesi. Visitors can easily find this traditional cake on souvenir centers available in Polewali Mandar or some tourist destinations in West Sulawesi.

Visitors who want to come directly to the cake makers can come to some locations in Polewali Mandar. One of the places that become the production center is Botto, Campalagian, Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.

D. Price

This sweet sticky cake is priced at such an affordable price tag. The prices are varied depending on the quality of ingredients and flavors. One package is usually priced at IDR 10,000.00 IDR 15,000.00 contains between 20 - 25 pieces. (Iswara N Raditya)



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