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Octopus Satay

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A. Overview

Octopus, according to the most of Indonesian people, is commonly only used as pets or commodity exports to other countries, especially to Japan. However, the case is different for Bengkulu people especially those who live in coastal areas of Kaur district in which octopus can be processed into a delicious food named Octopus Satay. One thing for sure, this typical seafood hardly can be found in other areas in the archipelago except in Bengkulu.

At the first time, culinary entrepreneurs felt uncertain to make Octopus Satay as one of their menu because it was not popular enough on the community and the cooking process needed some special skill. After going through several attempts, a suitable cooking process was finally found for cooking Octopus, which was the similar way for cooking gourami. Using this process, the meat can be made softer, tastier, and more delicious. However, the spices used for cooking Octopus Satay are generally similar with the other Satay in general.

Octopus Satay has become one of Bengkulu culinary icons and a special menu on restaurants and food stalls that are widely available in Kaur district, Bengkulu. Travelling to this area seems incomplete without tasting the typical seafood that will give you more of culinary tourism experience.

B. Features

The typical Octopus Satay of Kaur district has been much in demand by seafood culinary connoisseur. Besides having delicious taste, Octopus Satay also contains high nutrients and proteins that are good for human body. Moreover, Octopus Satay also has distinctive and different flavor from other Satay resulted from the meat, which using the moist and fresh octopus meat, considering the iced octopus meat usually tastes fishy. The culinary entrepreneurs can find fresh Octopus easily because the area has been well known as the largest Octopus producer in Indonesia.

Making a delicious and tasty Octopus Satay is easy. The spices include peanuts, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, pepper, and brown sugar, which are crushed and boiled with soy sauce given extra flavor to mature into such peanut sauce. Meanwhile, the spices used to roast Octopus meat include soy sauce, onion, red, and cooking oil.

The cooking process begins with cutting Octopus meat that has been cleaned into small pieces and given the skewers. Furthermore, the meats are then covered with sauce and seasonings, roasted to mature evenly the sauce and seasonings soak into the meat, poured with peanut sauce once cooked.

Octopus Satay is usually served with sliced ​​cucumbers and tomatoes, or accompanied with spicy sauce for those who like spicy flavors. In addition, octopus meat feels slightly springy, chewy, and the typical taste of Octopus meat fits with the seasonings when it chewed. The delicious taste of Octopus Satay is guaranteed to increase your appetite.

C. Location

Octopus Satay easily can be found on restaurants or food stalls located in coastal areas of Kaur district, Bengkulu, Indonesia.

D. Prices

Visitors who want to enjoy Octopus Satay need not worry because the price of Octopus Satay is affordable at around IDR 10,000.00 to IDR 15,000.00/portion. (Samsuni)



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