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Kabasaran / Kawasaran Dance

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A. Brief  Information

Kabasaran dance is one of  the traditional dances from Minahasa performed in groups wearing red clothes,  showing cruel faces and bulging out eyes. While the dancers are lifting swords  and spears, the Tambur (traditional percussion from Minahasa) is always  played during the dance. In the past, most of the Kabasaran dancers were  farmers who became the dancers of Kabasaran when there was a customary  festivity. If Minahasa region was on the war situation, the Kabasaran dancers turned become soldiers called Waranei. The basic formations of  the dance are Santi (nine steps swords) and Wingkow (nine steps  spears) with fourth quarter of Kuda-kuda (one of the movement techniques  in self-defense) that consists of two left steps and two right steps.

As the Kabasaran dance is a hereditary skill, each dancer has a sword that is inherited by his  or her ancestors. The Kabasaran dance consists of three steps, Cakalele, Lumoyak, and Lalaya‘an. In present, it is often performed for  welcoming regional guests and celebrating cultural festivities taken place in  the North Sulawesi.

B. Distinctive  Features

The Kabasaran dance is totally different from other dancers in Indonesia that frequently show  smile and graceful movements. Red color combined with cruel faces make-up and  rising fighting spirit music dominates the celebration of the Kabasaran dance.

In addition, the  dancers are also provided with swords and spears so the dance looks rapid and  cruel. The Kabasaran dance is a traditional heroism dance coming from  word Wasal which means roosters whose combs are cut off intended to make  them be more ferocious in fighting. The sound of Tambur, Gong and Kulintang usually called Kawasalan (dancing by impersonating two fighting  roosters) will be great composition that will burn our spirit.

C. Location

Just come to  Minahasa dance group named Tumau Tao Lestari that located in the Paslaten I and  Paslatan II village at Tomohon city in the North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.  It is around 22 km away from Manado  city.

D. Access

The devotees of  the dance may visit Tumau Tao Lestari by land using minibus, taxi or any kind  of transportation vehicles.

E. Ticket Price

If you are eager  to watch the dance, you must consider how many couples of the dancers that will  be ordered. Since the dance must be played in groups, the more couples the more  attractive the dance. As a consequence, you must pay higher for more  interesting performance.

F. Accommodation  and Other Facilities

The dance group  located in Tomohon region where it can be found many hotels.



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