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45 Wonosari Vocational School

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A. Overview

There are only few private vocational schools in Gunungkidul. One of them is 45 Wonosari Vocational School. This school is the oldest private vocational school established by the veterans of Indonesian independence.

The history of this school began when Mr. Suhardo, a retired armed service officer having major as the last rank, had an initiative to build a vocational school for the students in Gunungkidul area. This initiative was due to the lack of vocational schools in Gunungkidul in comparison with the great numbers of teenagers interested in attending vocational school.

The war veterans who were E Commission members of Regional Assembly, looked for supports to realize their idea. They contacted some war veterans and important figures in Gunungkidul.

Helped by some teachers of State Technical Middle School of Wonosari (STM Negeri Wonosari), in 1976 the veterans established Empat Lima Wonosari Foundation (45 Wonosari Foundation). After the establishment of this foundation, on October 5th 1976 the veterans successfully established Empat Lima Wonosari Vocational School (SMK 45 Wonosari).

A year after the establishment, in 1977, SMK 45 Wonosari received school establishment certificate no. 5, dated July 14th 1977. The next year, this school received its decree of establishment, namely Decree Number 557/I 13.5/ I/ 1978 dated March 15th 1978.

During the early years, SMK 45 Wonosari occupied the building of IV Wonosari Elementary School (SD IV Wonosari) which is located next to STM Negeri Wonosari. At that time, SMK 45 Wonosari opened two programs, namely Building Construction Program and Power Machine Program. The learning activities were held during the afternoon. This school hour was common for some schools in Wonosari.

After ten years occupying the building of the elementary school, in 1986, SMK 45 Wonosari began to occupy its own building (belongs to 45 Wonosari Foundation) located in K.H. Agus Salim Street, Ledoksari, Kepek, Wonosari or at the moment is in front of the office of Labors and Transmigration Agency (Disnakertrans) of Gunungkidul Regency. This building located at Yogyakarta-Wonosari route is occupied until now.

Previously, SMK 45 Wonosari only provided eight classrooms for the learning activities. In 1990, it became 15 classrooms, which consisted of 9 classrooms for the Power Machine Program and 6 classrooms for Building Construction Program.

The school hour also changed into morning (starts at 7 a.m.) since 1995. There was also a change of program name, from Power Machine Program into Basic Mechanics Program as the result of new curriculum.

Another change of curriculum happened in 1999. The effect of this change were the change of some subjects (including the obligation of computer subject and the removal of history subject), and the change of program names (Building Construction Program into Carpentry Program and Basic Mechanics Program into Automotive Mechanics Program).

After 26 years of its establishment, SMK 45 Wonosari added a new program, namely Audio-Video Engineering Program (Teknik A-V). By this opening, SMK 45 Wonosari became the first private vocational school providing Audio-Video Engineering Program in the area of Gunungkidul. The opening of this program was based on comparative study and proper test held in Piri I Vocational School Yogyakarta.

In 2005, SMK 45 Wonosari got a title as private vocational school with Accreditation A by the accreditation decre number 91/BAS-DIY/III/2005 dated March 9th 2005. This status makes SMK 45 Wonosari a high quality school in Gunungkidul Regency.

In 2008, the school opened two new programs, namely Building Graphics Program and Computer and Network Technology (TKJ). Based on New Spectrum 2009, this school changed again its programs into Audio-Video Engineering, Small Vehicle Engineering (automotive), Building Graphics (architecture), and Computer and Network Technology (TKJ).

B. Features

SMK 45 Wonosari equips itself with internet facilities. Educational Communication Technology Agency (BTKP) Yogyakarta built partnership with this school and provides this school with web hosting. The partnership began during the training held by BTKP and JMN (Jogja Medianet). This training was attended by 50 schools, including SMK 45 Wonosari, on 16-17 June 2009 in Muhammadiyah 3 Vocational School Yogyakarta. Since then, JMN provides SMK 45 Wonosari with domain and space hosting of 100 MB through the website:

SMK 45 Wonosari is the oldest private vocational school in Gunungkidul. This school is the only formal school established by the veterans of Indonesian independence, thus this school deserves the title “Monument of ’45 Veterans”

C. Location

SMK 45 Wonosari is located on K.H. Agus Salim Street, Wonosari, Gunungkidul 55801 PO BOX 126.

D. Access

The location of this school is accessible by two-wheel or four-wheel private transportation. Visitors can also take public transportation, namely the Yogyakarta-Wonosari bus from Giwangan Bus Station, Yogyakarta and stop at Siyono Circle Traffic. From Siyono Circle Traffic, visitors can take public transportation, namely colt (mini-bus) of green color route Wonosari downtown. The distance between Siyono Circle Traffic and SMK 45 Wonosari is about 1 km.

E. Ticket

There is no charge for visitors to visit SMK 45 Wonosari.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

SMK 45 Wonosari is a private vocational school which has complete facilities, such as permanent school building, representative classrooms, laboratories (e.g. automotive practice laboratory), library with thousands of books, several students activity units, leadership training, internet, and various competition events.

Tunggul Tauladan

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