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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta

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A. Overview

Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta (UMBY) is a well-known private university in Yogyakarta. This university was previously Wangsa Manggala University (UNWAMA). This change has been effective since April 5th 2008 by Decree of Wangsa Manggala Foundation, number: 02/Skep/Ket/YWM/IV/2008 dated April 1st 2008.

After the change, UMBY arranged and organized the programs, such as the change of Economics Faculty into Economics and Business Communication Faculty. During the academic year of 2008/2009, UMBY kept the previous programs, namely Agrotechnology, Husbandry Industry Management, Sharia Banking Economics and Insurance, Management, Psychology, Food Technology, Accounting, and Electrical Engineering, while opening new programs, such as Communication Sciences, Informatics and Multimedia, Mathematics Education, English Education, as well as postgradute programs, namely Psychology and Magister of Science Psychology.

To produce professional graduates with competitive advantages and ability to develop in global community, UMBY creates competency-based curriculum and recruits professional lecturers of S-2 and S-3 titles graduated from local or foreign universities. Having this kind of resources, UMBY is ready to face the tighter competition of higher educations.

In terms of interesting and comprehensive learning place, UMBY is appropriate to be a destination of education tourism. You can study optimally while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the campus and Bantul rural area.

B. Features

UMBY has some interesting features. It has been registered into National Accrediting Council for Higher Education (BAN-PT) as accreditation A (very good) for Psychology and Animal Husbandry Programs, and accreditation B (good) for Management, Accounting, Agrotechnology, and Food Technology Programs. This status gives the graduates of UMBY distinguished values.

Moreover, the educational fee of UMBY is affordable and can be paid in installments. There is no campus development fund for students to pay. UMBY also provides UMB Career Center (UMBCC) which helps and channels the graduates into professional world. In doing so, UMBCC works together with more than 300 companies by holding events such as campus hiring and job expo in the campus.

UMBCC also provides seminars and career training for graduates and final-year students. These programs aim at increasing the values of graduates in the competitive professional world. Career training includes foreign languages training, professional resume (CV) writing by Professional Resume Consultant, internet job hunting training, as well as working culture, motivation, and entrepreneurship trainings.

C. Location

UMBY has two campuses. The first one is on Wates Street 10th km, Kemusuk, Argomulyo, Sedayu, Bantul, Yogyakarta 55753. The second campus is on Jembatan Merah Street 84C, Gejayan, Yogyakarta 55283.

D. Access

To reach UMBY campuses location, you can use private or public transportation. To reach the first campus, from Giwangan Bus Station Yogyakarta, you just need to take the bus heading for Wates and stop in front of the campus. To reach the second campus, from Giwangan Bus Station, you can take the bus route 3, 7 or Kobutri bus route Condong Catur and stop at Jembatan Merah Gejayan. After that, you only need to walk about 10 meters eastward.

E. Ticket

There is no charge for visitors to visit Mercu Buana University (UMBY) area.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

UMBY provides various accommodations and facilities for students and public, such as:

  • 24 hour free WiFi in campus area. Therefore students and public can get a lot of information in order to broaden their insight and knowledge.
  • UMBY provides scholarship for students who perform well either academically or in extracurricular activities, such as the scholarship of Academic Performance Advancement (PPA) and UMBY scholarship (given to more than 100 students every semester).
  • In addition to the courses, students are given entrepreneurship training and practice by inviting professional community and businesses which employ the graduates in order to introduce the students into professional world.
  • The location of the campus is convenient and accessible by private or public transportation. It has beautiful, green, and comfortable environment. To support students’ activities, this campus provides sport center (futsal, basketball, volleyball, football, badminton). The campus also provides Students Activity Unit (UKM) center as a place for students to develop their interest and talents.

Yusuf Effendi

Translation: Febrianti Ika Dewi


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