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Pengasih 1 State Vocational High School

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A. Overview

A high quality educational setting is not necessarily located in town. This expression is appropriate if addressed to Pengasih 1 State Vocational High School, usually referred as SMKN 1 Pengasih or merely SMK 1 Pengasih. The school has gained many achievements in various fields. In its practice, the school applies a good management, equips itself with complete facilities, and is supported by quality teachers. Other schools perceive SMK 1 Pengasih as a model school to look up to.

SMK 1 Pengasih was established in 1968. The school was previously Wates Economics High School (SMEA) own by private sector. The school’s private status then changed into state through the decree of Minister of Education and Culture No. 162/UKK3/1968 on January 2nd 1968. The decree also changed the name of the school into SMEA Negeri Wates (Wates State Economics High School). Back then, the school only opened three class for two majors namely Bookkeeping and Administration.

During its early establishment, the school underwent hard times. The learning process was carried out at Wates Junior High School (SMPN Wates) in the afternoon because its own building was not yet completed. Then, in 1995, the school bought a land as wide as 760 m2. After the school building was completed, the learning process was carried out in the morning.

In 1994, following the government policy, the term SMEA changed into SMK/ Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan (Vocational High School)—the policy also turned STM (Technological High School) into SMK. Thus, the school changed again into SMK 1 Pengasih in 1997. The word “pengasih” was taken from the name of a district where the school is located.

Over the time, the school improved in facilities and developed its majors. This educational setting offers several courses divided in specific majors. Some of the majors in SMK 1 Pengasih are Accounting, Office Administrations, Multimedia, Marketing, Fashion, and Hotel Accommodation.

B. Features

SMKN 1 Pengasih has gained several achievements from local and international championships. Some of them are the runner-up of Indonesian language competition, first winner of English competition in Lomba Gelar Prestasi dan Bela Negara Siswa SMK Tingkat Nasional, a national senior high vocational students competition 2009 in Yogyakarta.

The school’s service competes with the others’. To promote its service quality, SMKN 1 Pengasih applies a management which is based on the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. The ISO certificate enhancement on December 8th 2009 surely gave a new challenge for the school to keep improving its quality and service. Some principles committed by the school in improving its service quality are focus on customer, strong and reliable leadership, staff active involvement, ongoing school quality improvement, mutual partnership with external agencies, and decision making based on factual approach.

Compared to other schools, SMKN 1 Pengasih is better not only in its management and achievement but also the supporting facilities for the learning process, the teacher’s quality and the selections of new students. Moreover, the school applies national standardized curriculum namely KTSP/ Kurikulum Standar Satuan Pendidikan (Educational Content Standard).

There are still more special qualities of SMKN 1 Pengasih, which is its concern for global issues. As an ducational setting, the school is aware that it is high time a school did not only pay attention to technological advance and changes toward modernity, but also to pay more attention to the environment. This awareness is shown by, for example,  holding a Provincial Contest of Environment-Concept Schools in May 2010. There is also the sanitation contest which is an effort of SMKN 1 Pengasih to encourage the students and teachers to preserve the cleanliness and beauty of the environment, either at school or at home.

C. Location

SMK N 1 Pengasih is located at Kawijo Street No. 11, Pengasih Village, Pengasih District, Kulon Progo Regency, Special Province of Yogyakarta.

D. Access

SMK N 1 Pengasih is accessible by either public and private transportation. If you choose to take the public transportation, take a Yogyakarta – Wates minibus from Giwangan Bus Station and get off at Wates Terminal. It takes you around 45 minutes and costs Rp 10,000. From this terminal, take a jitney (local people call this vehicle colt tuyul) to Sentolo and get off right at SMK N 1 Pengasih. The jitney fare is Rp 2,000.

E. Ticket

Visiting SMK N 1 Pengasih is free of charge.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

SMK N 1 Pengasih has more than enough supporting facilities either in quality or quantity. Among them are:

  • Learning Facilities

The learning facilities include 15 classrooms, language and science laboratory, mechanic workshop, computer laboratory, library, teacher’s room, office, headmaster’s room, school hall, toilet, warehouse, canteen, praying room, counseling room, Students Organization’s (OSIS) room, and more.

  • Mini Bank

The mini bank serves as a learning media for students, in which it presses the students’ consumerism, before they enter the labor world.

  • Students Organizations and Activities

This organization serves as a medium for students to learn about leadership and management. Students Organization itself is in fact a media for students’ development, where they can share their aspirations. It also the holder of many school activities. Another organization is the school cooperation.

  • English Testing Center

This is the place that students improve their English comprehension, thus, it is not surprising that SMK N 1 Pengasih won numbers of English competitions either at national or international level.

  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Center

This is the learning center for information and computer technology. The ICT Center also facilitates students for computer, network and internet training. It also serves as online library, online student registration, and SMK 1 Pengasih official website.

Mujibur Rohman

Translation: Apri Widiastuti


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