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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bangkirai Hill

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A. Brief Information

Bangkirai Hill is one of captivating tourist  destinations situated in East   Kalimantan Province.  The hill provides the perfect ambience of tropical rain forest with its mild  climate and laid back charm. There, the tourists will have great experience of  walking around the forest which is still in its natural state. Covering an area  of 1.500 hectare, the hill constitutes a forest conservation which aims at  developing tropical rain forest in the region. In addition, some of protected wild  species live within. It is an educational tourist destination for the nature  lovers and for those avid biological scientists.

The hill got its name “Bangkirai” as it houses thousands  of Bangkirai trees, some of which  are  more than 150 years with their height around 40-50 meters and diameters about  2,3 meters. The site is officially opened for public on March 14th,  1998.   

B. Distinctive Features

One of Bangkirai Hill`s distinctive features is its  challenge for the tourists to tread a canopy bridge perching over at 30 meters  above the ground. It is 64 meters long, connecting five big Bangkirai trees. It  also serves an alternative therapy for those who have heights phobia. On the  bridge, interspersed with moderate wind, you can enjoy the picturesque verdant forest  and valley steeped in color. If you walk on it, the bridge will move rhythmically  from side to side. But, once you try it, you will be eager to repeat the bridge  trip. This canopy bridge is the first built in Indonesia,  the second in Asia, and the eight in the  world.

C. Location

Bangkirai Hill is located in Samboja sub-district, Kutai Kartanegara district, East Kalimantan province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Bangkirai Hill is at a distance of about 150 km from Tenggarong City  or Samarinda, while of about 58 km from Balikpapan City  and 20 km from the capital of Samboja sub-district. To reach the location, by  land, the tourist can use any accessible transportation such as motorcycle or  car.  

E. Ticket Ticket

On the confirmation process.

F. Accommodation  and Other Facilities

This tourist object is completed with  adequate facilities: a meeting hall that will seat 100 people in comfort, a restaurant  offering exquisitely different menus, cottages equipped with AC, and jugle  cabin (the natural hotel with no electric facilities/natural room). The  tourist who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bangkirai can reach Inhutani Balikpapan, Ltd at (0542) 736066-734644.



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