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Seven-layer Fortress

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A. Brief Information

Seven-layer fortress, which is commonly called “Benteng Aur Daun” was used as the last defensive fortress by Dalu-dalu soldier under the command of Tuanku Tambusai “Padri Tiger from Rokan.” In the past, it was functioned to avoid the Dutch‘s attack on surrounding area.

B. Distinctive Features

This fortress is a silent witness of indigenous people‘s heroism, bravery, and never surrender spirit in defending Riau Province. Tuanku Tambusai, a fleet admiral in Rokan at the time, was burried in Seramban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. He was awarded as the first national hero from Riau Province by Indonesian government.

C. Location

Seven-layers fortress is situated in dalu-dalu Village, Tambusai Sub-district, Rokan Hulu district, Riau Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

The destination can be reached for approximately 3 hours (252 km) from Pekanbaru City.

E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodation and other Facilities

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