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Somba Opu Castle

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A. Brief Information

In 1525, The Sultan of Gowa IX named Daeng Matanre Karaeng Tumapa‘  risi‘ kallonna built a castle that was called Somba Opu. In the middle of the  16th century, the castle became a very busy spices port and a  commercial center where many merchants from Asia and Europe  anchored there. On June 24th, 1669, it was conquered and destroyed  by VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) until it was sunk by tidal waves. In  1980‘s some archeologists discovered the castle and reconstructed it in 1990.  Now, it has been turned become an interesting historical museum.

B. Distinctive Features

The castle used the combination of clay and egg white as the material replacing cement for building the castle. Physically, it has square shape with length of the castle is around 2 km, 7 to 8 meters in height with total width  is about 1.500 ha.  All of the buildings are covered by thick wall where many heritages of Gowa Sultanate‘s historical  things are kept within. In addition, there are some customary houses representing tribes from South Sulawesi such as Bugis, Makassar,  Mandar and Kojang and artillery with 9 meters in length and 9.00 kg in weight  are kept in the museum. Visiting the castle will be beneficial for everyone who wants to know more information about the history and culture of tribes in South Sulawesi.

C. Location

The castle located in Daeng Tata street, Makassar city, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

It lies 25 km away from Cenderawasih street from the city of Makassar. It can be reached by bus, taxi, or pete-pete (minibus). Its costs Rp. 25.000,00 by taxi or only Rp. 7.000 by pete-pete.

E. Ticket Price

In the confirmation process.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Just come to Somba Opu castle, there will be guides that will help you  in giving more information about the castle.


Credit Photo: - Harianto  Siradjuddin

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