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Gentungan Park

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A. Overview

Gentungan Park has become the first choice of the tourism object for refreshing on the weekends when local people or surrounding communities visiting the Mamuju city. The park was deliberately built by the Government of West Sulawesi and professionally managed to attract to local tourists.

On the holidays, Gentungan Park becomes one of the most crowded tourism objects in West Sulawesi. The park that occupies an area of approximately ​​five hectares is equipped with various supporting facilities that are well managed to make the visitors feel comfortable.

Moreover, the park location in the middle of the hill certainly becomes the main attraction itself. Just imagine that you are in a park that provides a wide range of facilities, while outside, you can see a line of hills featured with the lush trees that surrounds the park complex. Indeed, it creates a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere in the midst of people, especially children, who are playing in the park.

B. Features

Cool and fresh are the impression immediately attaches to the visitors when entering the park. The green leafy trees neatly lined up seem to welcome them. Once entering the gate, they will immediately find a large fishpond that can be used by those who love of fishing by rent the fishing equipment provided in the park. The park is also equipped with gazebo, so you will be protected from the sun while fishing. The gazebo has been indeed provided for visitors to relax while enjoying the natural scenery around the park or while fishing. The area located at the forefront of Gentungan Park is hilly area featured with verdant trees, so it is suitable for those who need some fresh atmosphere after undergoing daily activities.

After visitors feel satisfied of fishing and enjoying the beautiful scenery, they may try to go deeper into the main complex of the park. Two swimming pools with clear water, which are each has been equipped with water-boom and specified for adults and children, are ready to spoil them.

In the pool area, visitors can also relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the cool air of the mountain. The atmosphere around the swimming pool becomes more festive with the presence of various types of colorful flowers planted intentionally around the pool. Here is also equipped with a row of gazebo that can be used to relax.

Therefore, visitors can choose to relax on the gazebo while fishing or swimming. Choosing both fishing and swimming did not really matter because all the facilities provided in the park can be enjoyed as much as visitors like.

C. Location

Gentungan Park is located in Gentungan, Kalukku, Mamuju, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.

D. Access

To reach the location is quite easy because the park is located near from Gentungan city, the capital of West Sulawesi province. Meanwhile, Kalukku sub-district is located about 20 km from the city and the park can be reached from Gentungan city within 10-15 minutes only.

Visitors who are from outside the region and want to visit the parks could begin the trip from Makassar in South Sulawesi using air transport service to Mamuju to take about one hour. Besides using air transports, visitors also can use public transports, such as buses, to take about 12 hours.

E. Ticket

The ticket price to enter the park is very cheap, which is about IDR 1,500.00 per-person. Once entering the park, visitors are free to enjoy all the facilities inside the park and enjoying the scenery on the gazebo outside the main complex (pool area). However, visitors who want to enter the main complex should pay more at IDR 10,000.00 per-person.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Visitors who want to linger in the park and want to spend overnight at the area need not worry because the park managers have provided accommodation or villa to spoil the visitors. Visitors can rent a room to rest after a day of water play and on the next day, visitors can walk around the park complex to enjoy the atmosphere of the mountain in the morning.

Visitors do not need to fear boredom in this place because other various supporting facilities are provided for them. The facilities include tennis court, art gallery, restaurants, conference hall, gazebo, fishing pond, and much more. For public facilities, such as parking lots, bathrooms, public toilets, places of worship, and the others, must also have been provided inside the park complex. (Iswara N Raditya)



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