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Taluhu Barakati

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A. Overview

Indeed, Gorontalo stores various tourism objects, including natural objects, historical objects, and much more, which attract both local and foreign tourists to visit. Taluhu Barakati is another popular tourism object located in Barakati village, Gorontalo. The name "Taluhu" means water and "Barakati" means blessing, so it can be interpreted as a blessing spring. The water contained in this blessing spring has been known cool, refreshing, and clear. Even the springs are divided into hot and cold water, such a blessing given to human by their God. It was also believed that the spring could cure various skin diseases.

According to local history, Taluhu Barakati was the washing place for the empress and royal relatives of the Kingdom of Batudaa (around 5 centuries ago). During its development, the location was later developed as one of the attractions for its beautiful natural surroundings and the benefits from its refreshing spring.

Spring Taluhu Barakati has never stopped flowing. Therefore, this place is also commonly known as the eternal spring. The natural refreshing water makes it quite popular by local residents in Gorontalo. Moreover, the easy access to the site and the cheap tickets also make this place becomes family destination to spend the weekends or holidays.

Enjoying the natural beauty while pampering our body with fresh water, as you can get in Taluhu Barakati, needs not an expensive cost. The sense of relaxation obtained when soaking in the spring while enjoying the majesty of God makes our body refreshed. So, if you visit Gorontalo, do not forget to stop by at Taluhu Barakati.

B. Features

Even in the driest of summers, the Spring Taluhu Barakati has never stopped flowing. The spring has also been equipped with pools to store the spring, so the water contained in the pools will be always changing to ensure the freshness, clarity, and coolness. Whereas the water discharged from the pools form small rivers.

Taluhu Barakati offers a concept of nature as a place of family tourism. In this place are available several pools divided for adults and children, so visitors who bring their family need not worry of the pools provided in the site. Such a comfortable site featured with the fresh air, the cool water, as well as cheap ticket becomes the main attraction for Taluhu Barakati.

Moreover, the natural beauty of surrounding area in Taluhu Barakati was the reason for choosing the location of choosing the teens of Gorontalo known as Nou and Uti. Therefore, visitors who enter the site can find an outdoor stage measuring 1.5 meters height located in front of the adult pool. The open stage is also used as a place to hold various events, such as competitions and cultural art performances.

C. Location

Spring Taluhu Barakati is located in Barakati village, Batudaa sub-district, Gorontalo district, Gorontalo province, Indonesia. The location is near from the historical tourism object in Gorontalo to take about 3 km away, namely the Fort Otanaha.

D. Access

Talahu Barakati is located about 30 Km from the city of Gorontalo which can be taken approximately one hour using landline. The site can be accessed using personal vehicle, motorcycle, or public transports, such as motor rickshaw and bus majoring Batudaa - Bongememe at cost around IDR 5,000.00 per person. During the trip, visitors will arrive at the intersection of Barakati village located at the side of the highway. Visitors should stop at this location and continue their trip using motorcycle taxi to the location of about 2 km. Visitor are recommended to use the motorcycle taxi because the road to the location is quite uphill. The cost of motorcycle to the site is around IDR 3,000.00 per person (November 2011).

E. Ticket Prices

Visitors who want to enter Spring Taluhu Barakati are charged at IDR 2,000.00 per person (November 2010).

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

The tourism object of Spring Taluhu Barakati provides various supporting facilities, including covered grandstand, an open stage used to hold various competitions and art performances, two swimming pools include for adults (1-3 meters depth) and children (70 cm depth), dressing room, as well as open resort. In this open resort, local residents usually open canteen selling a variety of food.

Barakati Taluhu is also located very close within about 20 meters to the tomb of King Panipi, who was known as the king who ruled the village about 2 centuries ago. Apart from the tomb of King Panipi, some tourism object also can be found, including Batu Buaya (Crocodile Stone) and Batu Babi (Pig Stone), both stones are called so because similar to the both animals. (Tunggul Tauladan)



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