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Monday, February 26, 2018

Sultan Hasanuddin Tomb

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A. Brief  Information

Sultan Hasanuddin  (1629 A.D -1690 A.D) was famous for his exceptional bravery in his struggle  against the Dutch colonial government in South Sulawesi.  Therefore, the Dutch colonialists called him “Haanstjes van Het Oosten” which  means the rooster from the East. He was inaugurated as the king of Gowa when he  was 23-year old. He has been the King of Gowa for 17 years until 1669 A.D. On  May, 12th, 1670 A.D, he passed away. He was buried in the graveyard  of the Gowa Kings. On his gravestone, it is stated his title “Mattawang  Karaeng Bontomangape Mohammad Bakir Tumenanga Ribulla Pangawi”. In the left  front side of his tomb, there is a “Tumanurung” stone which is usually  called “Batu Pelantikan” (Inauguration stone) as the inauguration place  of the Gowa Kings. Nearby the graveyard, there is an ancient mosque that was  built in 1603 A.D.

B. Distinctive  Features

There is much  information about Sultan Hasanuddin, like his death, title, tenure period,  struggle against colonialism, etc. You will also find other famous Gowa Kings`  tomb like Sultan Alauddin (The king who disseminated Islam in Gowa Kingdom)  and Tallo King.

C. Location

The tomb lies in Palantika street,  Katangka village, Somba Opu sub-district, district of Gowa, South Sulawesi  province, Indonesia.

D. Access

It is about 8 km  away from Makassar city. It can be reached by any  accessible public transportation.

E. Ticket Price

In the  confirmation process

F. Accommodation  and Other Facilities

There will be  guides who will explain the detail information relating to Sultan Hasanuddin.



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