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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wooden House Craft Center in Minahasa

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A. Brief Information

We recommend you to visit Woloan Village in Central Tomohon Sub-district, Tomohon City, as you will find unique craftworks that can only be found there. You will not find prevalent craftworks such as home decorations and statues, but you will find the craft center of Minahasa traditional house. The craftworks of local people here have a good price based on its marketing opportunity view and its quality as well.

Dealing with the quality, people from other provinces such as Jakarta, Bali, and Java even foreign countries like Netherland and France, come to Minahasa for ordering such unique wooden house for bungalows or cottages.

The stock of the wood are brought from palu, Central Sulawesi and surrounding area in Southeast Sulawesi. The wooden house of Minahasa uses champac wood and maranti wood as the predominant material.

Woloan people greatly depend their life on the production of Minahasa wooden house. Besides, such skill in producing Minahasa wooden skill is a hereditary skill inherited from their parents. That is why, Woloan people are famous as the experts on building Minahasa wooden house.

The history of Woloan Village was started 150 years ago, in 1845 A.D. There were five prominent people who one of them was called Walian Pontoh (the leader of the village). He was also famous as an expert in healing diseases besides the leader of the village. Grappling with such matter, the word woloan was derived from walian, a customary title for people considered for having distinctive skills that was awarded to Walian Pontoh.

B. Distinctive Features

Wooden house made of Woloan people is totally unique considering its portabilty. There is nothing special with the ornaments on its parts. However, its capability to describe the typical architecture of Minahasa as well as stage house in Sumatra is a plus point.

While the other areas in North Sulawesi still depending their daily needs on the natural resources such as vanilla, nutmeg, clove and copra, Woloan people tend to utilize the wooden house craftworks as the primary matter for meeting daily needs.

You are not necessary to be afraid of how to bring the wooden house you have ordered. They have already provide delivery services for you ordering wooden house made of Woloan Village.

Nearby the location, northern direction of Woloan Village, you can see the beauty of Mount Lokon and Mount Merapi. Those are worth visiting tourism destinations located in Tomohon City. The atmosphere will be more splendid and fresher when you are arriving at the spring water around the location. Agricultural area in kakaskasen Village located in the slope of Mount Lokon offers you an unforgetable experience during the visit to wooden house craft center in Woloan Village and surrounding areas.

C. Location

Woloan Village are located in Central Tomohon Sub-district, Tomohon City, Minahasa, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Woloan Village is south of Mount Lokon, southwest of Tomohon City. It is 3 km away or about 10 minutes from Tomohon City for accessing the location by taking mikrolet (minibus). It will be faster when you take taxi or private transport.

E. Ticket Price


F. Acommodation and other Facilities

Delivery services have already provided for you ordering the Minahasa wooden house made of Woloan Village. Of course, those require more charge and farther your location, longer periode of delivery will be.


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