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Kerkoff Peucut, the Dutch Soldier Graveyard

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A. Brief Information

The word “Kerkoff” is derived from the Dutch language that means “graveyard,” while “Peucut” (Pocut) comes from Poteu Cut that means “prince.” Relief on the wall at the entrance gate mentions the names of the Dutch soldiers who were died in a battle against Aceh civilians (each of them states 30 names); the locations where they passed away, such as in Sigli, Moekim, Tjot Basetoel. Lambari en Teunom, Kandang, Toeanko, Lambesoi, Koewala, Tjot Rang – Pajaoe, Lepong Ara, Oleh Karang – Dango, and Samalanga; and the year when they were died (1873-1910 A.D.).

Amongst the Dutch soldiers, it was known that there was a group of soldiers consisting of people coming from Ambon, Manado, and Java. They were called Marsose. Those coming from the Land of Java were marked with IF letters (inlander fusilier) behind their name; AMB for those coming from Ambon; MND for those from Manado; and EF/F.Art for the Dutch soldiers.

B. Distinctive Features

There are 2.200 Dutch soldier graves in this two-hectare land. The tombstones were neatly organized in a row with white color on each epitaph. The gate’s left side is clearly engraved “In Memoriam General – Majoor JHR Kohler, Gesneuveld, 14 April 1873”.

Kerkoff Peucut is a symbol of the Aceh people’s struggle, bravery, and heroism for dedicating themselves to the homeland by fighting against the Dutch colonialism at that time. When the Dutch colonials arrived at Aceh in 1873 A.D., Jend.Kohler, who was died in front of Baiturrahman Great Mosque, and buried in Batavia on April 14th 1873, was the leader of the Dutch colonials assigned in the Land of Aceh.

Based on the recommendation from the Governor Muzakir Walad, and as a memorial of Aceh War, Kohler’s body was moved to Kerkoff on May 19th,  1978 A.D. Many local and foreign tourists, especially from Netherlands, visit the graveyard frequently.

C. Location

The cemetery lies in Blower Village, Banda Aceh City, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Kerkof Peucut is a very reachable destination as it is located in the heart of Banda Aceh City. You can enter the location via the gateway that can be seen from the main road in front of Blang Padang. You can take any public transport that is easily to find in this area. Taxi, auto-pedicab and labi-labi (locally public transport) are available there, hence you can reach the location in ease. Labi-labi operating in this area serves Lhoknga – Pasar Aceh, Ulelheu – Pasar Aceh, Lamteumen – Pasar Aceh, dan Lamlagang – Pasar  Aceh routes.

E. Ticket Price


F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

For its strategic location in the heart of Banda Aceh City, you can find some lodgments as well as hotels in ease, hence you are able to spend the night around the location.

Poncut (wm/07/02-08)

Translated by Irfan Nugroho (wm/29/12-08)


Credit Photo: Teuku Cut Mahmud Aziz

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