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The Mausoleum of Raja Mandapar

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A. Brief Information

Raja Mandapar was the first king of Banggai Kingdom who was inaugurated in 1600 A.D. by the former king named sultan Said Berkad Syam given title as Mumbu Doi Gedong. He was a son of Ternate Sultanate‘s war commander named Adi Cokro, who married to a Portuguese girl.

In addition, his father titled as Mumbu Doi Jawa, was a war commander successfully unifying Banggai Islands and Banggai Land together. For that reason, Raja Mandapar possessed charismatic leadership during his tenure ranging from 1600 tot 1625 A.D. because of his father‘s outstanding leadership characteristic.

Raja Mandapar deceased in 1625 A.D. after ruling Banggai Kingdom for about 25 years. He was a famous king amongst the other kings of Banggai Kingdom. However, his mausoleum was not built in elegance. The mausoleum is just a heap of stones with shelter on it. The mausoleum now is a worth visiting historical tourism destination in Central Sulawesi Province.

B. Distinctive Features

The mausoleum of Raja Mandapar is situated in a highland of Banggai Islands District that is surrounded by three enchanted bays namely Tomini, Tolo, and Banggai bays. While accomplishing pilgrimage to the mausoleum and remembering Raja Mandapar‘s merits, you can watch colourful traditional boats of the Banggai people on those bays. At night, flickering lamps across the bays offer magnificent view of Banggai Islands District. Nearby the mausoleum, you can find a traditional market peddling typical souvenirs of Banggai Islands District.

C. Location

The Mausoleum of Raja Mandapar lies in Lompio Village, Banggai Sub-district, Banggai Islands District, Central Sulawesi Province.

D. Access

You can reach the location by taking any public transport. However, you must note that there are only four minibuses operating in Banggai Sub-district. Interesting to go to Banggai Islands District‘s hinterland, you would better to take ojek (motorcycle renting service). If you prefer water transportation, you reach the location via Makassar and Bau-bau cities.

E. Ticket Price


F. Accommodation and other Facilities

You can find several lodgements on Masanda Street, in Lompio Village. Therefore, you can spend more days around the location during the visit to the Mausoleum of Raja Mandapar and neighbouring tourism destinations.

For telecommunication facilities, at least there are 669 connections of Automatic Telephone Centre in Banggai Sub-district. Satelindo and Telkomsel networks for cellular telephone are available in the location.

Syamsuni (wm/37/03-08)

Translated by Irfan Nugroho (wm/09/10-08)


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