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The Museum of Siwalima

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A. Brief Information

The Museum of Siwalima was built on Taman Makmur Hill in 1973 A.D. The museum consists of two buildings, where each of them serves different functions. The Siwalima I building is a maritime museum, wherein a number of maritime properties are kept well inside. At this building, you can find three whale skeletons stranded on the beach; one of them is measured about 23 meters long. More than that, the Siwalima I is the source of information relating the marine life of Maluku and surrounding islands.

Another building inside the complex of the museum is the Siwalima II building. The Siwalima II is an ethnography museum, where the number of ethnographic information about Maluku can be found here. The Siwalima II keeps a lot of information as well as properties such as Maluku`s traditional dresses, weapons, musical instruments, ancient coins, earthenware appliances, and Japanase-era porcelains. As well, there is an artificial cave inside that might help visitors catch the imagination of the socio-cultural life of the Maluku people.

B. Distinctive Features

As mentioned above, the Siwalima I is a place where a number of maritime properties typically Maluku are kept well; while the Siwalima II keeps a lot of both information and properties relating to the ethnography of the Maluku society.

One of the purposes of the museum is to provide researchers with a bulk of resources for completing their researches. The museum is a warehouse of information relating to the province of Maluku, both on its marine and land lives. Maluku is waiting for researchers to undertake any research so that all the information inside can be disclosed for a better future.

More than that, there is a special service for you who want to enjoy the traditional music and dance performances of Maluku Province. Likewise, there is a weaving workshop for you who want to know about the making process of woven cloth typically Maluku Province.

C. Location

The Museum of Siwalima is located about three kilometres southeast of Ambon City, the capital of Maluku Province.

D. Access

You can take any available public transport leading to either Taman Makmur or Capeo to reach the Museum of Siwalima.

E. Ticket Price

The entrance ticket to the museum costs IDR 3.000

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

It is little bit hard to find any accommodation around the museum. However, you can find accommodation as well as economic class hotels in the heart of Ambon City.

Tuti Nonka (wm/14/08-08)

Translated by Irfan Nugroho (ter/36/02-09)


Photo credit: (photos by Tuti Nonka)

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