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The Tomb of Sheikh Abdul Manan

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A. Overview

Majene, a district located in West Sulawesi, is a popularly known as the district that relies more on natural tourism potential, especially on the beach. However, the tourism objects exist in the area that is currently inhabited around 138,825 inhabitants were not the beach only, but there are several other object tourisms also attracted to public to visit the area, one of which is the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Manan.

According to historical records, Sheikh Abdul Manan who was given a custom title of To Salamaq di Salabose by Majene community was the first person who spread Islamic religion in Majene, West Sulawesi. The religion was expected to enter the territory of West Sulawesi, including Majene, in the 16th century.

Currently, 83% of the population in West Sulawesi is Muslim thanks to Sheikh Abdul Manan and other Islamic preachers. People who want to commemorate the service of Sheikh Abdul Manan can visit to his tomb located in Salabose, Pangali-Ali village, Banggae sub-district, Majene district, West Sulawesi.

The tomb of Sheikh Abdul Manan is estimated to have aged years old. Built in a complex situated in the hills precisely located at Puncak Poralle Salabose, used the total area of one hectare to build the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Manan.

The tomb has always been frequently visited by the pilgrims who came from local region or even from outside. It will be more crowded on the days before the holy month of Ramadan and at certain moments, such as when at a celebration of Islamic holidays.

B. Features

Several events in the form of religious ritual processions are regularly held at certain times on the tomb complex of Sheikh Abdul Manan, one of which is the celebration of Maulid (the Prophet's Birthday). Visiting the tomb complex to coincide with the time of the celebration of the Prophet’s Birthday, visitors will find something unique. The tomb complex will be crowded by visitors who came from different areas and bring some specific goods as typical of the Prophet's Birthday celebration.

Before the commemoration of Prophet's Birthday begins, there is held an event of reading the holy Qur'an by students of primary school. The event is centered at a historic mosque named Purbakala Mosque (Archaeological Mosque) or the Old Mosque of Salabose. According to the local belief, the mosque was founded by Sheikh Abdul Manan, previously used as a center of Islamic religious teaching in Majene. Here in the mosque, the pilgrims during the celebration of the Prophet's Birthday usually do Repentance Prayer.

When the procession of the Qur'an reading has been completed, the students who participate in the procession will ride the horses and then being marched to the location of the Tomb of Sheikh Abdul Manan to join in the praying procession. The riding horse ritual performed by the students is known as Saiang Pattu'du. The procession is conducted regularly every year, so the young generation will always remember Sheikh Abdul Manan as the man who first taught Islam in Majene.

The tomb of Sheikh Abdul Manan is made of cement, its gravestone made of rod-shaped timber, and an upper flat dagger was put on the leg position. The tomb is located inside the building protected by a wall equipped with zinc roof. Visitors can see several tombs inside the building, which are the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Manan, his wife, and his children. Visitors can also find several fragments of pottery that are expected were made in China, precisely in the reign of Ming Dynasty and Ching Dynasty.

Other interesting objects also can spoil tourists who come visiting the tomb. One of them is the Old Mosque of Salabose that stores various preserved relics of Sheikh Abdul Manan. The relics include a holy Qur'an written by Sheikh Abdul Manan, a dagger, and a flag, which have centuries-years old.

C. Location

The tomb complex of Sheikh Abdul Manan is located in the hills named Puncak Poralle Salabose located in Salabose, Pangali-Ali, Banggae, Majene, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.

D. Access

To reach the location of the Tomb of Sheikh Abdul Manan is relatively easy because the location is not far from Majene city, which is of approximately 1 km away. However, visitors need to be careful on their trip because the location is on the hilltops.

E. Ticket

Visitors who want to enter the tomb complex of Sheikh Abdul Manan are free of charge. However, they may set aside a little money to put into the charity box located in some locations to be used for maintaining the tomb and mosque.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

The tomb of Sheikh Abdul Manan has been equipped with several supporting facilities, such as parking lot, bathroom, public toilet, mosque, and some food stalls. Visitors who want to linger on the area can stop at cottage or cabin to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the site. (Iswara N Raditya)



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