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A. Brief Information

Waruga is an ancient material culture indicating the special characteristics of North Sulawesi people. It is a coffin made of stone that is used to put the dead body of North Sulawesi people. It consists of the body and the cover. The dead body is put within the body of Waruga, which has cube shape, in a squatting position. It portrays that dead person will be back to God in the same position as he was in the womb. This philosophy is commonly called by inhabitants with Whom.

B. Distinctive Features

Visiting waruga means observing the incredible heritages of North Sulawesi. It is the most famous stone coffin among the other stone coffin graveyards in the North Sulawesi. Observing the ornate carvings on the Waruga will amaze. It is finely carved with some motives such as plants, animals, and traditional geometric motifs.

You will pass a small city named Airmadi where you can see mountainous areas, which have panoramic view, some famous handicrafts and the traditional clothes of Minahasa.

C. Location

It is far enough to reach the destination from Manado about 24 km away. Waruga lies in Sawangan village, Airmadi sub-district, Minahasa district, North Sulawesi province.

D. Access

You may use your own car or Mikrolet (minibus) that can be easily found along the main road of Manado city. In addition, Taxi can be alternatives for you to access the destination.

E. Ticket price

In the confirmation process

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

There will be guides for you who want to get much information about the destination. If you are eager to spend more days, enjoying its beauty, there are villas and motels around the location.


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