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Friday, April 20, 2018


  • Pasir Panjang Beach

    Pasir Panjang Beach

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Brief Information Pasir Panjang Beach encompasses Tanjung Medang, Teluk Rhu, and Tanjung Punak. The local government of Bengkalis District will set the location as the first priority of worth visiting tourism destination. B. Distinctive Features Its white sand that is clean and seems like spreading out of grain pearl, is a ...Read more

  • Tanjung Bira Beach

    Tanjung Bira Beach

    Publish 13-05-2008 11:47:01 by Admin

    A. Brief Information Tanjung Bira Beach is a famous white sandy beach in South Sulawesi Province. It is clean and neatly organized and its beauty and pleasantness are well known even by foreign countries. Foreign tourists from other countries visit the beach for enjoying their holidays.  B. Distinctive Features Tanjung ...Read more

  • Likupang Beach

    Likupang Beach

    Publish 05-05-2008 11:38:30 by Admin

    A. Brief Information Likupang Beach is a famous tourism destination which is densely visited by visitors especially on holiday. It had ever shocked the Representatives of WWF in the beginning of March 2007 when a green turtle, chelonia mydas, was found by a fisherman. Though it is a famous and crowded beach, it can still keep ...Read more

  • The Uber Bay Beach

    The Uber Bay Beach

    Publish 13-05-2008 12:03:42 by Admin

    A. Brief InformationMay be, The Uber Bay Beach is not as famous as the other beaches in  Sungailiat sub-district, Bangka district.  However, this 25 ha wide beach is an untouched territory which has the white  sands and the indented formation of the coastal rocks. The wild plants growing  up covering the coastal rocks and the ...Read more

  • Gedambaan Beach

    Gedambaan Beach

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Brief Information Gedambaan Beach offers the beauty that fulfills spiritual satisfaction. In spite of its shiny white sand, its view also hypnotizes the visitors that they would spend hours and hours at the beach. People are able to enjoy the sunrise and sunset here decorated by the shiny light from the water of the sea. People long ...Read more

  • The Manggar Segarasari Beach

    The Manggar Segarasari Beach

    Publish 10-03-2008 14:52:54 by Admin

    A. Brief InformationThe Manggar Segarasari Beach  is a worth visiting tourism destination in Balikpapan,  East Kalimantan province, Indonesia.  Clear water and white grain sand offer you a panoramic view for a tranquil  holiday. The entire extent of the destination is around 13 km squares. B. Distinctive FeaturesAs the ...Read more

  • Matras Beach

    Matras Beach

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Brief Information Matras Beach is a beautiful and sloping sandy beach where the white grain sands spreads out like pearls offering the splendid view of its nature. It is 2 km in length with around 20 to 30 meters wide where some leafy coconut trees welcome you. The white sands combined with the wonderful coastal rocks and the ...Read more

  • Losari Beach

    Losari Beach

    Publish 05-03-2008 10:04:09 by Admin

    A. Brief HistoryLosari beach is a  limelight of Makassar city. In the past, As  there were many food tent  and stalls  standing in a row (1 km in length), the beach had ever been called as a beach  with the longest table in the world. Nowadays, those food tents and stalls had  been relocated in a place nearby the ...Read more

  • Coast in Banda Aceh City

    Coast in Banda Aceh City

    Publish 28-02-2008 15:07:56 by Admin

    Read more

  • Dato Majene Beach

    Dato Majene Beach

    Publish 12-01-2012 10:38:32 by Admin

    A. Overview Beach is the most attracting tourism object in Majene district, West Sulawesi, which developed both as a commodity of tourism and economic sectors. Indeed the district stands on area of about 947.84 km² stores a harbor and many beautiful beaches. One of the beach attractions became the pride of local people who live in Majene ...Read more

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