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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lake Laut Napangga

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A. Brief  Information

According to the legend  of Tanjung Medan people, Lake Laut Napangga which is 500 ha wide is believed  that it was the resident of a king in the past. It is now settled by Bonai people, one of the original tribes living in Rokan Hilir district.

B. Distinctive  Features

The enthralling  view of its nature combined with the calm water will stimulate you to get  plunge into the lake. It is a great destination for refreshing or just seeking  for inspiration. It is inhabited by rare and expensive fish species called Arwana  Sumatra /Khayangan. There is hot water spring around the location and the  leafy coconut trees make its atmosphere more enthralling.

C. Location

Laut Napangga Lake  is located in the upstream of Kumuh   River, Tanjung Medan  village, Tanah Putih/Pujud sub-district, in Rokan Hilir district, Riau province.

D. Access

Laut Napangga   Lake is around 72 km  from Ujung Tanjung (The capital of Rokan Hilir district).

E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodation  and Other Facilities

Most of the access  to the destination had been paved so you can easily reach the location by car  or motorcycle. You will find souvenir peddlers selling traditional handicrafts.



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