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Monday, April 23, 2018

Lake Tempe

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A. Brief Information

Lake Tempe is a tourism destination in South Sulawesi province that are frequently visited by tourists either domestic or foreign. The lake, which is 13.000 hectare in width, seems like a giant washbasin when it is viewed from above. Subsistence for people living around, it is not only used by the inhabitants of Wajo district, but also other people in the districts of Soppeng and Sidrap. Along the lakeside, you can observe the fishermen`s floating houses which were built in Bugis nuance, standing in a row directly face to the lake.

B. Distinctive Features

Lake Tempe is the biggest wetland fishery area in the world. It is assumed that the lake is located on the meeting point of two continents. Therefore, many wetland fish species can be found there than the other places in Indonesia.  

In the middle of the lake, the fishermen`s floating houses stand in a row decorated with colorful flags. Above those, you can watch sunrise or sunset in the same position while enjoying various species of birds, fishes and water grasses. At night, it is the right time to angle for fishes while enjoying the beauty of moon lighting the lake.

On every August 23, a sea festival usually called Maccera Tappareng (literally means purifying the take) is started, signed by butchering a cow that is led by the fishermen leader. You can watch many interesting attractions such as traditional boat race, decorated boat competition, kites competition, the election of Ana` dara (princess) and Kallolona (prince) of Wajo district, Padendang (beating mortar), traditional music performance, Bissu dance played by transsexuals and other traditional performances. It is aimed to keep the unity and the familiarity among the fishermen by ā€œ3-Sā€ principals, Sipakatau, Sipakainge, and Sipakalebbi (Respecting, advising, and appreciating each others). Watching these performances, you will know more about Bugis culture especially Bugis in Wajo district.  

C. Location

Lake Tempe is located in Tempe sub-district, Wajo district, South Sulawesi province.

D. Access

Lake tempe lies 7 km away from Sengkang city, the capital of Wajo district. To reach the destination, you may take any public transportation such as Pete-pete (Minibus) from Sengkang city to the Walennae River continued to Lake Tempe from the Walennae River in 30 minutes by using Katinting (Motor boat). Its cost is about Rp. 50.000 to Rp. 75.000 / person.

E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodation and other facilities

If you are eager to enjoy fishing at night while enjoying the beauty of the moon lighting Lake Tempe, you are allowed to spend the nights in the fishermen`s floating houses.  



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