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  • Gatot


    Publish 13-10-2010 11:02:54 by Admin

    A. Overview People have known Gunungkidul as a barren and infertile land. However, only few people know that despite its barrenness, this regency located south of Yogyakarta is rich with its culinary tourism. One of the culinary features is gatot. Javanese people usually call it gathot. This special food of Gunungkidul can be ...Read more

  • Rabbit Satay in Kaliurang

    Rabbit Satay in Kaliurang

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview Culinary hunting in Yogyakarta is never ending. Day by day their number is increasing. New kinds of culinary come just at anytime. Among the new ones is the rabbit satay at Kaliurang. Rabbit satay is found almost everywhere outside Yogyakarta, but the one at Kaliurang differs from the rest. Moreover, enjoying it in the cold ...Read more

  • Tiwul (Dried Cassava)

    Tiwul (Dried Cassava)

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview Cassava is the alternative food for some Indonesian while waiting for their rice to yield. But for the people of Gunungkidul, cassava has been their staple food since long time ago. Through processing, they make tiwul out of cassava as a food in place of rice. Tiwul has a similar taste to rice but the texture is finer than ...Read more

  • Growol


    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview Have you ever heard of the word ‘growol’?  No? Well, growol is a sort of food that seems to be consumed only by remote villagers. Such a food may be found in Kulon Progo Regency. The food that nearly resembles rice is actually made of cassava which turns out to be favored not only by the have-nots, but also by ...Read more

  • Tempe Benguk (A Particular Kind of Soybean Cake)

    Tempe Benguk (A Particular Kind of Soybean Cake)

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview Like the other regencies in the Special Province of Yogyakarta (DIY), Kulon Progo Regency has some special food and one of them is tempe benguk. Despite being plenty in Central Java and East Java, this food is more popularly known as originating from Kulon Progo. It has even been the specialty of the area. Tempe is the ...Read more

  • Kipo


    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview You may wonder what Kipo means in the first place. And when you get to know that it is a name of food you may think that it has something to do with Bakpao (Buns) and originates from China. The name Kipo does sound like Bakpao. But the truth is, they are totally different in shape, taste and origin. Kipo is a local snack ...Read more

  • Sego Abang Jirak

    Sego Abang Jirak

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview Sego Abang literally means red rice. Such kind of rice is an agricultural product of rain-fed rice field. In Gunungkidul, a rocky area with little rainfall, only rain-fed rice plant can grow. Some kinds of rain-fed rice plant produce red rice that has a unique taste, is not mushy and savors piquant. Nowadays red rice is ...Read more

  • Soto Kudus

    Soto Kudus

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Brief Information Wet season, cold weather, and influenza are some of many things that cause the body condition drops. When you are in such conditions, you need to comfort your body with hot and gravy food such as soto. Soto is a popular menu among Indonesian. No question why you can find soto in almost every corner in Indonesia. ...Read more

  • Senerek Soup

    Senerek Soup

    Publish 07-10-2009 15:33:06 by Admin

    A. Brief Information What do you think the similarity of Getuk Magelang and Senerek Soup? If you have ever been in Magelang, you will know that both are Magelang cuisines. However, there is a basic thing that distinct one from another. Getuk Magelang is made from cassava using the traditional recipe from Indonesia, while Senerek Soup ...Read more

  • Sanjai Chips

    Sanjai Chips

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

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