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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Gudeg Porridge of Jogja

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A. Brief Information

Gudeg is a traditional food of Yogyakarta Province which is made of young jackfruit combined with special flavor so that it can be something delicious when it is cooked for a long time. There are two types of Gudeg Jogja, Gudeg Basah (Wet Gudeg) and Gudeg Kendhil (Dry Gudeg).

Wet gudeg, which its sauce is gray mixed with delicious and delectable coconut curry, is commonly served with boiled cassava leaves. Dry gudeg looks brownish which is more toothsome for you trying it. This kind of food identically served with egg, fried chicken, sweet tahu and tempe, and krecek (dried off cow`s skin fried in such way then is mixed into the peanut soup) and godhong telo (fiery yam leaves).

Bubur gudeg (gudheg porridge) is served with sliced omelets, peanuts, fried bean, pieces of fried chicken, abon (shredded meat having been boiled and fried), hearty soup, and of course typical porridge of Yogyakarta. Those are dished in a plate with gudeg. There are two types of gudeg porridges, wet and dry gudeg porridge, both of them are delicious and lure you to taste it.

B. Distinctive Features

Tasting gudeg with a plate of porridge greatly differs from eating a plate of rice dished with gudeg in the morning. It is totally proper for you who want to try gudeg porridge which is not hot enough and delicious for your breakfast. It is better for you to try gudeg served on a piece of banana leaf. The mixture of both will make the typical taste of Yogyakarta appears, sweet and delicious. May be, you will not find this kind of dish in another places.

The only thing that must be noticed that gudeg porridege cannot be found in large restaurants in Yogyakarta, even outside of Yogyakarta. Gudeg porridge can only be found in traditional markets, small villages, and in the sidewalks of Yogyakarta. Trying gudeg porridge while getting along with common people, having small laugh when talking with them, will be more luscious.

C. Location

As the gudeg porridge of Jogja cannot be found in high-class restaurants, you can find them on the street nearby Pojok Benteng Wetan (Eastern Corner Fortress) in Yogyakarta Province. Moreover, since it is proper for breakfast, you can buy and taste them every morning around 5 a.m. until 7 p.m.

D. Price

Gudeg porridge of Jogja is cheaper than wet or dry gudeg, but it depends on you, more side dishes you choose, the higher price you must pay.  


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