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Soto Kudus

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A. Brief Information

Wet season, cold weather, and influenza are some of many things that cause the body condition drops. When you are in such conditions, you need to comfort your body with hot and gravy food such as soto. Soto is a popular menu among Indonesian. No question why you can find soto in almost every corner in Indonesia.

Among many kinds of soto, there is a unique and different soto originally from Kudus. The first thing distinct Soto Kudus from others is the basic ingredients. When common soto use beef, Soto Kudus use the meat of water buffalo. The using of the water buffalo meat is based on the belief of Kudusnese inherently.

The belief began when Sunan Kudus spread Islam in Kudus. The first time he came, people in Kudus were embracing Hindu. Those Hindus believed that cow was a sacred animal and may not be consumed. Since Islam loves peace, Sunan Kudus prohibited his followers to consume beef to respect the Hindus. Therefore, water buffalo became the alternative for people in Kudus ( The belief lasts inherently until this time. Thus, you will not find beef in Kudus because the people only consume water buffalo meat and chicken.

B. Distinctive Features

Soto Kudus is served in small Chinese porcelain bowl. Many people believe that the serving in porcelain bowl will add the delicacy of the soto. In addition to its unique serving, the cooking is also interesting. Soto Kudus is cooked in a clay caldron, which is continually heated to create special aroma and taste to the gravy.

The ingredients are also a bit different from soto in other places. You will never find flour vermicelli in Soto Kudus. Instead, you will find rice, chicken shred or water buffalo meat slices, bean sprouts, cabbage, celery, and fried onion. If you do not like the rice put in the gravy, you can order the rice to be separately. You can add boiled egg, limejuice, soy sauce and chili to your gravy and be ready to taste the uniqueness of Soto Kudus.

Unique presentation of Soto Kudus

The taste of your soto will be more delicious when you add side dishes into it, such as perkedel, tempe goreng, sate usus, sate telur puyuh, sate paru, etc. After tasting the hot and delicious soto, cold beverages such as ice kopyor, ice tea, orange juice and lemonade are perfect choices. In addition to its delicious taste, Soto Kudus is also helpful to support your body stamina since the gravy contains many kinds of proteins and minerals your body needs.

C. Location

You do not have to go to Kudus to taste the delicious soto, you can find it in almost every place in Java. However, if you want to enjoy the exotic of Kudus regency while you are tasting your soto, just come to Kudus, where you can find soto in all food courts in the city. Some well-known soto courts are: Warung Soto Bu Jatmi at Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 43 Kudus, Soto Kudus Pak Denuh at Jl. R Agil Kusumadya, or Warung Soto Kerbau Pak Siban.

D. Price

The price of every bowl of soto varied depends on the court. However, the average price each bowl is IDR 5.000,00.

Elisabeth Murni (trans/12/11-09)



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