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Ulee Kareng Coffe Shop

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A. Brief Information

There is a common tradition among the people, especially male, of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam; that is drinking coffee in coffee shops. Nangroe Aceh Darussalam is well known for its numerous coffee shops among other provinces in Indonesia. The difference between coffee shops in Aceh and in Java Island is that the coffee shops in Aceh seem like restaurants. Among the numerous coffee shops in Aceh, Jasa Ayah Coffee Shop is the most popular one. It is owned by Nawawi that has been existing since 1958 by his father, Haji Muhammad.

For Aceh people, coffee shop is more than a place to drink a glass of coffee and some local food of Aceh Province, it is a place to develop social relationship among Aceh people. Moreover, it is also a place to discuss any political issues and economical cases.

B. Distinctive Features

Jasa Ayah Coffee Shop is not only famous among Aceh people, but also Indonesian people. Its popularity grew up rapidly after tsunami because many volunteers from either domestics or foreigners came to Aceh. It had also been discussed by International mass media.

Its distinctive taste and its aroma are the best result of the best making process that is made by high quality of Coffee Arabica from Lamno, Aceh Jaya District. Made by special technique full of patient from the frying process (on the lightly frying) until the grinding stage, it produces tasteful coffee. It is better to be served in lukewarm so that the aromatic smell of the coffee can be tasted, even from several meters distance. Moreover, people usually taste it with local cuisines of Aceh like sarikaya cake, timpan cake, bolu cake, martabak telor, nasi gurih (salty rice), and Mie Aceh.

Though Nawawi, the owner of Jasa Ayah Coffee Shop, achieves success in his coffee shop, around IDR 2.000.000 or one a half of coffee in a month, he keeps on being aware of his beyond living. After Tsunami occurring on December 2004, he set a rule that all Muslims must leave the shop when praying times are coming, especially at Dzuhur, Ashar, and Magrib. However, for non-Muslims, it does not matter to stick around in the shop at those times. For him, both world living and beyond living must walk inline.

C. Location

Jasa Ayah Coffee Shop lies on T. Iskandar Street No. 13 – 14 A, Ulee Kareng Sub-district, Banda Aceh City, Nangroe Aceh Province.

D. Access

Ulee Kareng Sub-district is located in the centre of Banda Aceh City, so there are many public transportations hanging around the location such as taxi, motorized pedicabs, and labi-labi (Ulee Kareng -  Aceh Traditional Market route).

E. Ticket Price

For a glass of coffee, you need to pay IDR 1.500 (per March 2008). If you want to add some creamy milk, you have to pay IDR 3.000 (per March 2008).You may also buy some coffee powder which costs range from IDR 10.000 (per March 2008) for 250 gram of coffee powder and IDR 60.000 (per March 2008) for a kilogram of coffee powder.  

F. Accommodations and other facilities

As its location in the centre of Banda Aceh City, it will be easy to find some inns or luxurious hotels around the location.



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