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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Rafting on the Sa`dan River

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A. Brief Information

Are you a rafting lover? Do not worry to find a place for this extreme sport. The Sa`dan River (Saddang) is an ideal place. The river that passes Tana Toraja has about 182 km in length, 80 km in width, and 294 tributaries as well. The ford of the river was taken for two days by staying overnight in the middle of the journey, and getting rest in a stage house called Lantang in the riverside.

B. Distinctive Features

Along the Sa`dan River, there are many types of rapid with different difficulty levels. Those three rapid are Puru` rapid with the difficulty level III; Pembuangan Seba rapid with the difficulty level IV, which its  surface of the water in the riverside that is wide narrowed in the downstream; Fitri rapid with difficulty level V, which many fractures and the current of the river hitting big rocks that may cause the boat adhered on the rock and trapped between. By such challenging river current hindrance, the rafting lovers` adrenalin will be satisfied by crossing the Sa`dan River.

Besides, the topography of this area which is very interesting, therefore the Adventurer can enjoy the beauty of the nature and the fresh air during the tour, see the various flora and fauna that were hanging around the riverside, observe the beauty of the mountains surrounding the river that are covered by savannah meadow as well.  

C. Location

The first point of the ford is begun from the hanging bridge in Buah Kayu Village, Tana Toraja district and finish in Pappi Bridge in the district of Enrekang, South Sulawesi province. 

D. Access

From Makasar to Tana Toraja, the tour can be taken by land and air. The land track is taken by private or public transportation for about eight hours, while by air can be taken by the pioneer flight for two hours. Upon the visitors in Tana Toraja, they can go directly to Rantepao city. From this city to Buah Kayu Village, the starting spot of the ford), the tour can be taken by using Jeep car for about three a half hours.

E. Accommodations and other Facilities

For the visitors who have no experiences in rafting, there are the professional river guides in the location costly IDR. 1,250,000.00 each person for local people and US$ 250 each person for foreigner.


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