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Monday, March 19, 2018

Mount Bromo

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A. Brief Information

The word bromo is derived from ancient Javanese language brahma, the name of a Hindu deity. According to Tengger (the original tribe inhabiting Mount Bromo) people, Mount Bromo is a holy mount, so it requires an annual ceremony called Yadnya Kasada or Kasado. It is a local ritual of throwing natural wealth into the crater of the mount. The ceremony is held at midnight in a full moon of the tenth month of Javanese calendar. By such ritual, Tengger people ask for an abundant harvest and hope for being avoided from disaster and recuperation from ilness.

Mount Bromo, which is known still active, includes into the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It was officially opened by Indonesian government in 1997. It is a 5.250 ha wide of sandy area located at an altitude of 2.000 meters.

B. Distinctive Features

This 2.392 meters above the sea level mount is famous for its wide sandy area and large crater. Taking a bird`s eye view from the top of the mount, you will see the large crater bleaching out thick smoke from the bottom. The crater is 800 meters in diameter (north to south) and 600 meters in diameter (east to west). From the same place, you will see the panoramic view of sandy area with naturally splendid silhouette of the surrounding places.

Watching the sunrise from the peak of the mount, hanging around the location by riding horse and tasting a glass of local beverages while having a bonfire against the cold weather are some alternative activities for you visiting the destination. Besides of natural tourism that will be experienced, you will be familiar with cultural tourism atmosphere, especially when the ceremony of Yadnya Kasada is held. In addition, for you who want to watch the ceremony of Yadnya Kasada, you better come to Mount Bromo during December to January.

C. Location

Mount Bromo lies in four different districts: Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Lumajang, and Malang. All are in East Java Province. However, administratively, it is located in the district of Probolinggo.

D. Access

You can access Mount Bromo by using either public transportation or private car. To reach the location, you can acceess via “the western gateway” from Pasuruan District. However, accessing the location via the western gateway will be hard as it can only be accessed using jeep car. In general, most of visitors tend to reach the mount by walking from Wonokirti Village for about 13 km away.

Accessing the mount via “the northern gateway” from Probolinggo District. Via this way, you may use any public transportation remembering the access to the location is not too steep. If you want to watch the sandy area of Mount Bromo, it is better for you to pass by this way. Otherwise, if you want to watch the sunrise, just take the trip through the western gateway.

The nearest village to the mount is Cemorolawang Village around 45 km away from Probolinggo District. It can be reached by public transports from Probolinggo. In addition, to reach the mount from Cemorolawang Village, you had better charter a horse or jeep car and you may walk as well.

E. Ticket Price

In the confirmation process

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

Bonfire provided by some food tents can be alternatives for you against the cold weather in the location while tasting lukewarm beverages. When you need to spend more days there, you can easily find lodgement, shelter and hotel around the destination. Multifarious restaurants, souvenir shops can also be found there proposed to offer comfortable visit for you.


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