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Mount Slamet

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A. Brief Information

Mount Slamet – 3.432 meters above the sea level – is the highest volcanic mount in Central Java, and second highest mount in Java Island. The area of Mount Slamet comprises four forest areas, which are Montane Forest, Hilly Dipterocarp Forest, Ericeous Forest (mountainous forest), and Upper Dipterocarp Forest.

B. Distinctive Features

Mount Slamet offers distinguishing mountainous escapade with meandering and challenging track leading to the peak of the mount. You will find no water spring along the track, unless you choose Bambangan track.

On the slope of the mount, you can find several other interesting tourism destinations such as Batu Raden and Guci hot water spring. Those areas encompass some other tourism objects like botanical garden, Curug Gede, Pencuran Pitu, PAncuran Telu, Wana Wisata, Telaga Sunyi, and Kaloka Widya Mandala Park.

C. Location

Situated at 7º14,30‘ southern latitude and 109º 12,30‘ eastern longitude, Mount Slamet lies northwest of Purbalingga City, approximately 30 kilometres. The entire area of the mount is administratively located in five districts which are Banyumas, Pemalang, Banjarnegara, Brebes, and Purbalingga districts.

D. Access

You can start Mount Slamet escapade tour from Grumbul Alur Bambangan in Kutabawa Village, Karangeja Sub-district, Purbalingga District. To reach Purbalingga you can take any public transport from Purwokerto to Blambangan passing by Bobotsari before succeeding to Penjangan Village. Since arriving at Penjangan Village, you have to continue the trip leading to Blambangan by walk for approximately an hour.

Post for climbers is located in Blambangan Village. Climbers from the entire world usually gather in this post to plan the best route for climbing. In common, the journey to the peak of the mount usually spends about six hours. And please do not hesitate to ask for guidance from surrounding local inhabitants for detail information about the area around the mount.

As an alternative climbing track, you can choose a route from Mount Malang in Serang Village and Batu Raden route as well. Along the way leading to the peak of Mount Slamet, you can find some posts for taking a rest. Those posts are listed below:

  • Mount Malang–Pondok Gembiring (1 km)
  • Pondok Gembiring–Pondok Walang (0,5 km)
  • Pondok Walang–Pondok Cemara (0,5 km)
  • Pondok Cemara–Samarantu (1,5 km)
  • Samarantu–Sampang Rangkah (0,75 km)
  • Sampang Rangkah–Sampang Ketebon (0,6 km)
  • Sampang ketebon–Batur (0,9 km)
  • Batur–Sampang Jampang (0,3 km)
  • Sampang Jampang–Sampang Kredit (0,6 km)
  • Sampang Kredit–Plawangan (0,5 km)
  • Plawangan–Puncak (1 km, through Slamet Cave)

E. Ticket Price


F. Accommodation and other Facilities

There is a post in Grumbul Alur, Blambangan, that was built for those who want to take a rest during the journey to the highest point in Central Java, Mount Slamet. Some guides are ready to tell the detail information about the surrounding area of the mount. If you want to stay more days in the mount, you may erect camp after permission from staffers of Mount Slamet Management.

Happy Susanto (wm/15/03-08)

Translated by Irfan Nugroho (ter/wm/04/09-08)


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