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Sang Nila Museum

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A. Brief Information

Sang Nila Utama Museum displays numerous cultural and artistic collections such as adat costumes, traditional wedding dresses, traditional games equipments, musical instruments, and historical relicts typically Riau Province. An elegant building with Malay architecture namely Taman Budaya Riau stands nearby the museum. Cultural and art shows are usually held in this building.

B. Distinctive Feature

You can see numerous cultural and artistic collections typically from Riau Province here.

C. Location

Sang Nila Utama Museum is located on Sudirman Pekanbaru Street, Riau Province.

D. Access

To reach the destination, it will spend approximately 30 minutes from Pekanbaru Airport.

E. Accommodation and other Facilities

Several hotels are easy to find around the location. You are not necessary to be afraid to find safe places for you want to spend more days around the location.

Naina (wm/03/01-08)

Translated by Irfan Nugroho (wm/20/10-08)


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