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Monday, February 26, 2018

Tanjung Pinang Dragon Boat Race

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A. Overview

In fact, Tanjung Pinang city as the capital of Riau Islands stores various charming of object tourism, starting from cultural, historical, until marine objects. One of the marine objects still survive until now is the one called by the local community as Tanjung Pinang Dragon Boat Race.

The early history of Dragon Boat Race tradition cannot be separated from the influence of the interaction between the Malay Kingdom with the Kingdom and merchants of China. In ancient time, Malay kingdom has close relationship with the kingdom of China, such as diplomatic relation, trade, and education. This was not apart from the attitudes of the Malay communities, which were friendly and accepted anyone who comes to their region as their own brothers. During the process of interaction, cultural assimilation occurred between immigrant communities and local communities. In recognition of immigrant communities to the host, they introduced their typical boat race, which was also called the Dragon Boat Race. Along with the colonization by the Dutch to Malay kingdom on the Penyengat Island, especially since the late 19th to early 20th century, made this activity stopped for long time.

Precisely in 1992, the local government of Tanjung Pinang City raised the event of Dragon Boat Race that had long sunk. At the beginning, the Dragon Boat Race was only performed for the people of Riau Province (before splitting the Riau Islands Province), because of lack of athletes as well as sponsorship and promotion. However, the Dragon Boat Race event held in Tanjung Pinang was gradually promoted to the national level followed by the athletes from various provinces in Indonesia and neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, and European countries including English and Czech.

On its development, this activity has always been held as one of the marine cultural assets to attract the tourists from anywhere to visit Tanjung Pinang city. The event that is always held in every mid-November was chosen as one of the City Government’s annual event of Tanjung Pinang city, Riau Islands, since 2002.    

B. Features

Tanjung Pinang Dragon Boat Race is special. No participants are allowed to bring their own equipment, such as boat, rowing tools, and others, but those will be provided the committee, which considering the boat used to race is typical boat of Tanjung Pinang and especially used for this event only and has different shape and structure than another dragon boat. The boat size is approximately 12 meters length, 1 meter width, and 300 kg weight. The boat fits to one team consists of 15 people, which composed as 12 persons served as the rowers, 1 person as the driver (tekong), and 2 reserves.

Different with any other dragon boat race, the route followed by the participants to reach the finish line is also unique. The participants have to race as far as 300 meters and turned back to take the same path to the finish line exactly where they start. Thus, each participant must race as fast as he can for about 600 meters to be the winner. Each participant must take the route in the trajectory made as wide as 6 meters to four dragon boats.

To enliven the event, several additional competitions are also held in the day of the event, such as Kayak race, swimming on Tanjung Pinang Beach and Penyengat Island, diving competition, traditional canoe race, and jong race (jong: ship replica).

C. Location

Tanjung Pinang Dragon Boat Race is held in Tanjung Pinang Beach, Tanjung Pinang city, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

To access the location, we can use either private car or public transportation. If we use public transportation, we start from Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport in Tanjung Pinang city to the beach, which is about 5 km to spend about 15 minutes.

E. Ticket

To watch the Tanjung Pinang Dragon Boat Race is free of charge.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

The race is usually enlivened with various food and typical craft Malay bazaar. We can buy souvenirs or enjoy various typical Malay cuisines around the racecourse.

Considering the race is held for several days, when we need an accommodations we can look for the hotel in the city. The hotel choice is also varied ranging from an ordinary hotel to Five Star Hotel. (Noor Fadlli Marh)


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