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Dato Majene Beach

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A. Overview

Beach is the most attracting tourism object in Majene district, West Sulawesi, which developed both as a commodity of tourism and economic sectors. Indeed the district stands on area of about 947.84 km² stores a harbor and many beautiful beaches. One of the beach attractions became the pride of local people who live in Majene district is Dato Majene Beach.

Something has made Dato Majene Beach become more interesting and different from other beach attractions. Two different coastal character textures can be found in this region, which are the white sandy beach area and the rock-based beach area. This uniqueness is what makes Dato Majene Beach become the most attracting tourism object for local and foreign tourists who are visiting Majene district.

The beaches in Majene district, including Dato Majene Beach, are kept clean and well maintained. The visitors will be more comfortable to linger on the beach because the panoramas presented in this area are very spoiling, added with the fresh coastal air refreshing our mind.

B. Features

The white sand stretches along the beach becomes its own privileges. Visitors can play sand as satisfied as possible while playing the water on the beach. The sea wave is quiet able to make pleasant atmosphere for them.

On the other hand, the beach also presents contradictive topography of the chunks of rock behind the wide expanse of white sand that seemed soft. Several large rocks placed slightly protrude toward the sea, while other coral boulder looks unique because there are many holes caused by the blows of the waves hitting continuously for hundreds of years also seem unforgettable.

The coral reefs are composed and rising up like a cliff. Typically, visitors are interested to climb up the coral to get to the top. Looking from the height of about 20 meters, visitors can see the exposure of the most amazing scenery. The vast expanse of the ocean is guaranteed to make anyone will increasingly recognize the greatness of the God.

The clear seawater on Dato Majene Beach can also be seen from top of the coral, featured with the fish playing on the sidelines of the beauty of natural coral reefs below the surface. Another moment you should not miss is the chance to enjoy a stunning sunset on the beach.

C. Location

Dato Majene Beach is located in Pangale, Baurung, East Banggae, Majene, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.

D. Access

Majene district in West Sulawesi is located about 302 kilometers north of Makassar in South Sulawesi. Arriving in Majene, the capital of Majene district, the location of Dato Majene Beach is quite easy to reach, which only takes about 15 minutes by private car or renting a car widely available in the city.

During the trip, visitors will pass through small forests and fields owned by local residents. Arriving at the parking lot at Dato Majene Beach, visitors must first climb the 30 meters high cliff and once they get down along the stone steps, there Dato Majene Beach is found.

E. Ticket

The official ticket prices to enter the beach are still unknown. Visitors are only charged voluntarily, such as for the cleanliness and parking charge.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Dato Majene Beach has not been equipped with adequate supporting facilities. Yet there some facilities can be used by tourists, such as bathroom, public toilet, and parking lot.

Visitors who need some adequate facilities need not worry because the beach is located near from Majene district. After enjoying the beauty of the beach, visitors can immediately return to the City where range of more adequate facilities are available, such as lodges, restaurants, places of worship, and other public facilities.

For the case of public transports, Majene city has been built main bus terminal and other bus terminal for those who are visiting by landline. The sea line is also available for those who want to travel using ship. The available ports include Majene Port in Banggai sub-district, Palipi Port in Sendana sub-district, as well as the ports located in Pamboang and Malunda sub-districts. In addition, Visitors who seek typical souvenir of Majene can visit to the markets that are available in the city. (Iswara N Raditya)



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