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Lake Laut Tawar

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A. Brief Information

The existence of Lake Laut Tawar among the Aceh people is a proud for them regarding that it is a frequently visited destination either by local or foreign tourists. The water is not only used by people living in Central Aceh District, but also people who live in other surrounding districts.

There is a story relating to the existence of depik fish having slim shape and shiny scale that live in Lake Laut Tawar. People believe that depik fish is a grain of unhusked paddy that was thrown to the lake then later on shaped a fish. Depik fish appears to the lake‘s surface on certain occasions, especially on rainy season. Before the coming of rainy season, the fish hides in the slope of Bur Kelieten Mount, south of the lake. Depik is a miracle for Gayo people regarding that it will not be over though consumed forever and ever.

B. Distinctive Features

Two hills flanking the lake are the magnificent scenery enhancing the beauty of the lake. The meeting of the land and the water is the livehood resources for people living around the location, especially Gayo people. It is called laut (literally means sea) since the lake is as wide as a sea and called tawar (freshwater) as the water is not salty. Depik fish is the only species of fish that can only be found in Lake Laut Tawar.

In the lcoation you can see daily activities of surrounding people such as cultivating and fishing. Gayo coffee (Arabica Coffee) is the main comodity of surrounding people, especially Gayo. This kind of coffee is exported to Japan, as well as other comodities such as potato, passion fruit (Passiflora edulis), tomato, chili, corn, avocado and vegetable.

C. Location

Lake Laut Tawar (5.472 ha in width, 17 km in length, and 5,5 km square) lies east of Takengon City in the highland of Gayo (at an altitude of 1.250 meters), Laut Tawar Sub-district, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Accessing Takengon City, you will pass by Bireun City by taking public transportations. It is around 5 hours with more and less IDR 25000 for the cost. The another alternative way to Takengon City is via Blang Kejeren and Kutacane.

E. Ticket Price


F. Accommodation and other Facilities

There is a motorized boat that will carry you for hanging around the lake. Some inns are also available for you who want to spend more days in the location.


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