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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Lake Tolire

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A. Brief Information

Lake Tolire is located in North Maluku, Indonesia. This lake encompasses two lakes; namely Lake Tolire Besar and Lake Tolire Kecil. Both are separated by a 200-square-meter land, and situated on the slope of Mount Gamalama, the highest volcano in this province. .

This beautiful place has a number of mysteries taking hide under this five-hectare lake. One of those mysteries, according to the local inhabitants living around the lake, is the existence of ancient treasures of Ternate Sultanate under this 50-meter-deep water. Those treasures were thrown away into the lake when the province of North Maluku was under occupation of Portuguese in the 15th Century.

Also, the local inhabitants do believe that there is a mysterious crocodile settling at the lake. The crocodile is the lake`s guardian that is keen to guard the lake at all time. To many people, that myth is not merely a fairy tale. You might prove it by throwing some pebbles into the lake. Indeed, your pebbles would never reach the lake surface. It is believed that all the pebbles are suspended from reaching the lake surface by the crocodile. Therefore, the lake can be said to be a “throwing pebbles competition” arena just because there are many visitors trying to prove the myth of the crocodile guardian.

B. Distinctive Features

This lake is not just mysterious but also beautiful. You could also watch the green scenery of Mount Gamalama from the lake, while enjoying the turquoise water and the solitude of the surrounding area.

C. Location

Lake Tolire is 10 kilometres away from the heart of Ternate City. It is administratively part of Pulau Ternate Sub-district, North Maluku Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

To reach Lake Tolire is quite easy. You need only around 10 minutes to reach the lake from Ternate City by renting car costing about IDR 25.000 per day. You may also take ojek motorcycle service costing about IDR 10.000 per hour.

E. Ticket Price


F. Accommodation and other Facilities

About 100 meters away from the lake, there are several food stalls standing in a row. Most of them offer various foods typically North Maluku Province. Amongst those foods is Papeda Ternate or widely known as sago porridge.

Hatib Abdul Kadir (wm/05/02-08)

Translated by Irfan Nugroho (ter/36/03-09)


Photo Credit: HeruNurAkhmad

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