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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Matras Beach

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A. Brief Information

Matras Beach is a beautiful and sloping sandy beach where the white grain sands spreads out like pearls offering the splendid view of its nature. It is 2 km in length with around 20 to 30 meters wide where some leafy coconut trees welcome you. The white sands combined with the wonderful coastal rocks and the water flowing from the river to the sea are stunning sceneries for your tranquil holiday. Therefore, it is commonly called “Pantai Surga” (The beach of the heaven). It is the most popular one among the other beaches in Bangka-Belitung Province that is frequently visited by tourists either domestics or foreign.

B. Distinctive Features

The white grain sands, the leafy coconut trees, and the natural water flowing from the river are some distinctive features of the location that will be hard to be found in other destinations. Its comfort and the ease offer you an unforgettable holiday while enjoying your meals leaning on the wonderful coastal rocks.

C. Location

Matras Beach lies in Sinar Jaya Village, Sungailiat Sub-district, Bangka District, Bangka-Belitung Province. It is the northeast of Bangka Island, about 40 km from Pangkal Pinang or 7 km from Sungailiat.

D. Access

Taxi or private cars are recommended transportations for you who want to reach the destination. You may start the trip from Sungailiat or Pangkal Pinang. It is approximately an hour from Pangkal Pinang passing by winding road.

E. Ticket Price


F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

There are hotels, travel services, and clubs around the location. Some souvenirs and ethnic food of Bangka Island such as kemplang panggang, Fish Chips, Fish/ squid Keretek, Rusip, Belacan/terasi (Shrimp Condiment), Peppers Powder, can be easily found there.



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