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Mount Singgalang

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A. Brief Information

There are many mounts in West Sumatera province, one of them is Mount Singgalang that is located in Agam district. It is at an altitude of  2.877 meters.

B. Distinctive Features

Mount Singgalang covers some forestry areas, the Dipterocarpaceae Hilly Forest, the Dipterocarpaceae Upper Forest, the Montane Forest and theEricaceous Forest (Mountainous Forest). The Dipterocarpaceae Hilly Forest is at an altitude of 300 meters to 750 meters with the main plants are Seraya wood, Keruning wood, and Meranti wood. The Dipterocarpaceae Upper Forest is situated at an altitude of  750 – 1.200 meters with Meranti Bukit wood, and Damar Minyak wood as the main plants. The Montane Forest lies at an altitude of 1.200 to 1.500 meters above sea level with Mempening wood, Berangan wood, Damar Minyak wood and Podo wood as the main plants. The Ericaceous Forest or mountainous forest is located at an altitude of 1.500 meters with Kelat wood, Periuk Kera wood as the main plants. On the peak of the mountain, you will find two ponds named “Telaga Dewi” and “Telaga Kumbang.”

C. Access

Mount Singgalang can be reached by land from Ketapig Airport to Bukittinggi in approximately 2 hours with Rp. 10.000,00 – Rp. 15.000,00 for its costs. To reach the top of the montain, there are three ways that can be accessed, Pandai Sikek way (form Koto Baru), Kenagarian Malalak way (from Toboh) and Balingka way. If you decide to climb by Pandai Sikek way, it is started from Padang city to Koto Baru and continue to Pandai Sikek by any accessible public transportation. However, if you start the trip by Balingka way, it will be started from Padang to Bukittinggi (Padang Luar) continue to Batu Tagak. The last route to reach the destination is Tobah way, it is started from Padang to Bukittinngi continue to Tobah by any public transportations. Belows are the costs for transportation:

  • Rp. 3.000 through Pandai Sikek way
  • Rp. 2.500 – Rp. 4.000 through Balingka way
  •  Rp. 3.000 – Rp. 5.000 through Tobah way

D. Ticket Price

In the confirmation process.

E. Location

Mount Singgalang lies in Bukittinggi nearby Mount Merapi, but geogrpahically, it is located in Agam district, West Sumatera province.

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

You may spend more nights as there are many hotels that can be found. There are two natural tourism destinations, Mount Singgalang and Mount Merapi. You will be offered with the various local cuisines from Padang that are commonly called Masakan Padang.



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