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Sambabo Waterfall

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A. Overview

The beauty of Niagara Falls at the border of the United States and Canada has been well known to the world. For those who have no opportunity to travel to the land of Uncle Sam do not worry because in eastern Indonesia is found a waterfall that its beauty is almost similar to Niagara Falls.

Sambabo Waterfall located in Mamasa district, West Sulawesi, has been referred to be the one that may accomplish to the beauty of Niagara Falls. Foreign tourists who have been to Sambabo Waterfall also made a judgment it was able to compete to the beauty of Niagara Falls that considered the most beautiful waterfall in the world.

The original name of the waterfall itself has its own story. The term "Sambabo" is derived from two words "Samba" and "Botto" or "Usambai Botto" in which according to local community means "wide area". The meaning of "wide area" also contains special story related to the existence of Sambabo Waterfall.

The local residents believe that the waterfall has been guarded by a giant bird that lives in a cave behind the waterfall. This giant bird leaves the nest once a year to explore the surrounding area to the west coast of Sulawesi, or precisely to Mandar Bay. This journey then created the term "Usambai Botto" or shortened to "Sambabo".

B. Features

Sambabo Waterfall has been included as one of tourism objects in Mamasa, which is often visited by tourists who come from both domestic and abroad. The main privilege can be seen from the three level of the waterfall with a height of about 400 meters.

The leveled waterfall located on a high place is the main beauty attracts tourists to come to this site. Therefore, it is no wonder that the foreign tourists who have seen the beauty of Sambabo Waterfall said that the waterfall is able to compete with Niagara Falls in America.

In addition to the beauty of pouring water on Sambabo Waterfall, the natural scenery presented on the area is also very fascinating. Located on mountains slopes among the big stones has indeed created a fascinating view. Moreover, the natural nuance from the surrounding forest will further add to its values to become one of the best tourism objects in West Sulawesi and included as one of international levels.

C. Location

The natural tourism object of Sambabo Waterfall is located in Ulumambi, Bambam, Mamasa, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.

D. Access

Sambabo Waterfall is located in Bambam district or about 22 kilometers from Mamasa, the capital city of Mamasa district in West Sulawesi. Meanwhile, the site is located about 300 kilometers from Polaweli Mandar district.

Visitors who come from outside the region, the easiest way to reach the site is from Makassar in South Sulawesi, which is about 340 kilometers. To reach Makassar, visitors can use a flight from several major cities in Indonesia.

Arriving in Makassar, visitors can continue the trip by plane to Mamuju, the Provincial Capital of West Sulawesi province, and proceed by rental cars or public transports to Mamasa. Visitors are recommended to take a rest in Mamasa city before continue to Bambam sub-district, the location of Sambabo Waterfall.

E. Ticket

Official price of admission to the waterfall tourist destination of Sambabo is unknown yet because of limited information from the parties. Therefore, for those who want to visit the site are recommended to provide sufficient funds to smoothen your vacation.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Sambabo Waterfall area has been provided several supporting facilities that can be used by public, such as bathroom, public toilet, parking areas, places of worship, food stalls, and so forth. However, visitors who want to get some adequate facility can come to Mamasa city located near from the site of Sambabo Waterfall.

In Mamasa city are available various means of facilities for tourists, including hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, rental cars, up to souvenir centers. Therefore, it would be nice for visitors to rent a room first in Mamasa before going to Simbabo Waterfall. (Iswara N Raditya)



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