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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sipiso-piso Waterfall

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A. Overview

Sipiso-piso waterfall is a natural object tourism located near from Tongging village, Merek Sub-district, Karo district, North Sumatra Province. To be said, it cannot be differentiated visiting this village with visiting Sipiso-piso waterfall as the village is located on the lowland and the waterfall is located on the plateau of the village. Precisely, the waterfall is located at an altitude of approximately 800 meters above sea level (ASL) and surrounded by green pine forest. At the present, its maintaining is managed by local government of Karo district.

The name of Sipiso-piso actually has a distinctive meaning. As mentioned on the daily news of Suara Indonesia Baru, the name is derived from the name Piso (knife). The heavy water falling from hundred meters height hill is similar to the sharp knife. In addition, a steep cliff viewed from the top hill makes the local community to call it as “Piso from Tanah Karo” (source:

As a developing district, the tourism sector has become one of the leading potential expected to boost its Regional Revenue (PAD), besides agriculture and industrial sectors. In fact, Karo district has many other interesting attractions, such as volcanoes, hot springs, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, traditional houses, local cultures, and so on (source:

As time goes on, those attractions were gradually begun to be developed and promoted, which including Sipiso-piso waterfall itself. Such a competition among each attraction was likely to be born, but it remains positive for each object to be encouraged to grow and able to attract tourist as many as possible. For an example, the community of Tongging village has recently built Iman Tourism Park (Indonesian: Taman Wisata Iman), nevertheless the charm of Sipiso-piso waterfall is irreplaceable even many people said that the park attracts more attention than the waterfall. This reality is inseparable from the fact that Sipiso-piso waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia, besides Tinoor waterfall of Tomohon city in North Sulawesi or Grojogan Sewu in Central Java.

The conclusion remains Sipiso-piso waterfall is special and its location where is only separated by 35 km from the famous tourist city in Indonesia, Berastagi city, and only requires about 45 minutes from Medan city, Sipiso-piso waterfall gives us a prove to be able to raise the reputation of Karo district as one of the tourist destinations, either they come from local or foreign countries. Tonggo Simanungsong, a nature lover, said that many foreign tourists who visit Sipiso-piso waterfall mostly came from Malaysia, Singapore, France, and Holland. Some people even said that the news of the natural beauty of Tongging has been known worldwide (source:

B. Features

Awesome! That’s how we feel when we set our foot in Tongging village for the first time. By visiting Tongging Village, beautiful scenery is presented upon us, such in the tourism area of Tao Silalahi in nearby village. Before enjoying the waterfall up close, you’ll be treated to magnificent views of Tanah Karo from the viewing post at the top of hill. The landscape of the largest volcanic lake in the world, which is the Lake Toba, also can be viewed from the top. 

Steps to Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Photo Source: Kazya Lim Khee Boon

To explore the natural beauty of Sipiso-piso closely, we need to go through hundreds of small steps provided for taking down and up to the waterfall. These steps are the main safe road to go to the waterfall (source:

While enjoying the beauty of the scene of small hills from the bottom, thunderous sound of water splashing thousands of granules are heard around us. Because of the height of the waterfall is 120 meters or about 360 feet before flowing into the Lake Toba, many people who have been to this place said that the splash of water droplets falling in Sipiso-piso waterfall is greater than the famous Sigura-gura waterfall in North Sumatra.

C. Location

Sipiso-piso waterfall is located in Merek Sub-district, Karo district, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The Sub-district is located about 24 km from Kabanjahe city, the capital of Karo district.

D. Access

To access the location from Medan city, the capital of North Sumatra, we should travel for about 2 hours by bus or car to Kabanjahe, the capital of Karo district, which is located in the southern famous tourist area, namely Berastagi. The bus route of Kabanjahe is departed from the terminal of Medan in every 45 minutes with the cost ranges according to the bus type. Arriving at Kabanjahe, we should travel again of 24 km to the north, the path to Lake Toba spent for about 30 minutes by car or bus.

E. Ticket prices

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F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Lodging would be an important for us in traveling to Sipiso-piso waterfall. We can find any lodge in Kabanjahe village or Tongging city, the capital of Karo district. In addition, many souvenirs are also available in the place. (Khidr Marsanto)




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