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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Tirta Tapta Pemali Hot Spring

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A. Brief Information

The Tirta Tapta Pemali  Hot Spring is a worth visiting tourism destination in Bangka  district. It was discovered by Banka Tim Winning Bedrijf, B.T.W, the tin  mining company of Dutch colonial government. After the Indonesian`s independence,  it was taken over by the Indonesian government, then was changed into the state  owned tin mining company named Timah Ltd. It was reconstructed and developed  for tourism destination by Timah Ltd in 1970`s.

B. Distinctive Features

The water of the Tirta  Tapta Pemali Hot Spring comes out of the land; it contains sulphur substance.  It is also used for health therapy and relaxation for any kind of diseases.  There was a Thai whose left hand was scratched as he was careless when  operating a tin drilling rig in Bangka  district. After being treated for several times, his injury got well, but he  could not move his hand anymore. Until the day, he submerged into the Tirta  Tapta Pemali Hot Spring for several times. His hand got better gradually. He  had proven the efficacy of the Tirta Tapta Pemali Hot Spring as the right place  for medical treatment.   

C. Location

The Tirta Tapta Pemali  Hot Spring lies in Pemali village, Pemali sub-district, in the district of Bangka.  It is around 20 km away from Sungailiat sub-district.

D. Access

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E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodation and  Other Facilities

The Tirta Tapta Pemali  Hot Spring has been provided with hot water pool and rinse bathrooms. Some  other facilities such as maxima stage, canal tourism, the family  recreation park, the orchid flower park, and mini zoo, which has some new  collections like crocodiles, bears, and birds. In addition, the collection of  dot deer brought from the Indonesian Presidential Resident can be found there. You  will also find a lake and plaza for fishing in the location. You will also find  the only water boom in Bangka-Belitung province. For food and beverages, there  are food tents and stalls around the family recreation park.



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