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The Uber Bay Beach

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A. Brief Information

May be, The Uber Bay Beach is not as famous as the other beaches in  Sungailiat sub-district, Bangka district.  However, this 25 ha wide beach is an untouched territory which has the white  sands and the indented formation of the coastal rocks. The wild plants growing  up covering the coastal rocks and the pounding waves offer you a wild nuance  but pleasance.

B. Distinctive Features

Besides its virginity, the Uber   Bay Beach  is a right place for escaping from the uproarious atmosphere of city life. It  is proper destination to get your easeful holiday ever. At morning, when the  sun is going to raise, the bright shinning sea reflecting turquoise water is  the right time for visiting the destination. You will see some traditional  fishers‘ boats which are drifted and buffeted above the sea surface. It is  proper for you who want to enjoy your leisure time above the coastal rocks in the  small huts made of woods while talking around the bush and jesting with family  or friends.

C. Location

The Uber Bay Beach is  located in Rambak village, Sungailiat sub-district, in the district of Bangka,  Bangka - Belitung province.

D. Access

The access to The Uber Bay Beach is about 40 km from Pangkal Pinang  and three km from Sungailiat. From Pangkal Pinang, you may use your own transportations  for about 45 minutes. You may also take any public transportation from  Sungailiat, but you must take becak motor (The motorized pedicab  transportations) from Sungailiat bus station. However, you must consider that  the cost of taking becak motor will be more expensive than any public  transportation. There is no public transportation in the evening. Therefore, it  is better for you to take your own cars, but you have to be careful in driving  since in the some parts of the access to the destination are broken. In  addition, around 30 meters from Rambak village‘s intersection, there are many  holes in the road, so you must be more careful.

E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

There is Sedjati Chinese Temple  nearby the Uber Bay Beach  that was built in the 19th century. In addition, a hotel nearby the  location can be an alternative for spending more days there.


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