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Monday, March 19, 2018


  • Patin Fish Curry

    Patin Fish Curry

    Publish 01-01-1970 07:00:00 by Admin

    A. Overview When you are visiting Pekanbaru City, the capital of Riau province, please do not forget to enjoy its special culinary food, namely Patin fish curry. This culinary has become an icon of the city nicknamed as the Sorcerer’s city. Therefore, almost every shop and restaurant in Pekanbaru City always provides Patin fish ...Read more

  • Boulevard Area

    Boulevard Area

    Publish 12-03-2008 15:00:36 by Admin

    A. Brief InformationBoulevard area is the icon of Manado  downtown where the inhabitants are famous as “Smiling People” for their  friendly behavior. It is a center of culinary spot of Manado especially at night. The atmosphere of  Boulevard Area is as same as that of Losari  Beach in Makassar, South   Sulawesi ...Read more

  • A Restaurant in Batam

    A Restaurant in Batam

    Publish 04-03-2008 12:49:01 by Admin

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  • Octopus Satay

    Octopus Satay

    Publish 13-01-2012 09:46:07 by Admin

    A. Overview Octopus, according to the most of Indonesian people, is commonly only used as pets or commodity exports to other countries, especially to Japan. However, the case is different for Bengkulu people especially those who live in coastal areas of Kaur district in which octopus can be processed into a delicious food named Octopus Satay. One ...Read more