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Boulevard Area

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A. Brief Information

Boulevard area is the icon of Manado  downtown where the inhabitants are famous as “Smiling People” for their  friendly behavior. It is a center of culinary spot of Manado especially at night. The atmosphere of  Boulevard Area is as same as that of Losari  Beach in Makassar, South   Sulawesi province. It is on the top list of tourism destinations  in South Sulawesi province since it can lure tourists for visiting the city and  the beach along Manado  city.

B. Distinctive Features

You will see various menus from not only Manado but also other provinces such as fried  rice, Bakso (Meatball), Gado-Gado, Tinutuan, etc. The costs of  those foods are cheap, so you may choose what you want. Café, restaurants, food  tents and stalls can be easily found there.

Besides enjoying its cuisines, you can watch the magnificent view of  its nature and the beauty of Manado   Tua Island.  When the sun is going to set, you can watch the sunset with some new buildings  that are being rapidly built in Manado  city.  

C. Location

Boulevard area is located in the downtown of Manado that is famous as Nyiur Melambai. The  destination represents Manado  as the center of culinary tourism destination and beach.

D. Access

If you were in Manado,  you can use taxi from your resorts or any accessible public transportation. You  can also use car or motorcycle rental services.

E. Ticket Price


F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

There are many types of hotels or motels that can be easily found  there.



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