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A. Brief Information

Andong or Dokar is one of specific transportations from Yogyakarta. It is also known as delman, bendi, or sado. An anthropologist who once did a research on Andong indicated its small shape as the differing factor of andong in Yogyakarta to the ones in other different places such as Surakarta and Cirebon.

Andong was historically a chariot with 4 wheels, which was used only by the noble people, the Kings and their relatives for particular event. It was one of the icons to indicate social status of the priyayis (the royal families) in the early 19th century to the 20th century. The story started when Mataram Kingdom was led by Sultan Hamengkubuono VII (around the early 19th century). The lay people were not allowed to use andong during that period. They could only use a gerobak sapi (a chariot pulled by cattle) or a dokar for transportation. Andong was gradually available for the lay people during the leadership of Sultan Hamengkubuono VIII. It was limited for the traders and merchants though.

B. Distinctive Features

Going around the city with Andong is an interesting experience that tourists might not have at other places. To enjoy such an experience, tourists can choose the andong they wish. There are 2 kinds of andong in Yogyakarta: the regular Andong (which is also known as ‘not for tourism andong‘, and ‘for tourism andong‘.

Tourists can easily identify andong, which are meant for tourism because they are clean, well taken care of, and relatively new. The number of each andong is written in Javanese letters and put on the front side.

Besides, tourists will also be able to see the driver (kusir) in complete Javanese outfit: the blangkon, sorjan and lurik, and a black ¾ size pants. The friendliness of the drivers and their broad knowledge on the history of the city contributes special taste of the andong in Yogyakarta.

C. Location

Andongs are generally available at the city of Yogyakarta, Sleman District, Bantul District, Gunung Kidul District, and Kulonprogo District. However, the andongs for tourism can only be found in Yogyakarta because of their limited numbers (100 units).

D. Access

People will find a number of ‘for tourism andong‘ parked along the jalur lambat (the streets meant for slow ridings), when they go to Malioboro Yogyakarta. They can also find the same kinds around the Beringharjo traditional markets and the North Townsquare (alun-alun Lor) which are located nearby Malioboro. Those who want to try the regular andong can go to any traditional markets in Yogyakarta since they are available there.

E. Ticket Price

The cost for renting ‘for tourism andong‘ with the destination Malioboro-the Sultan Palace-Ngasem traditional market-Tamansari-Pojok Benteng-Pathuk-Sosrowijayan-Malioboro is IDR. 20.000-30.000 (data on February 2008).  On the other side, the cost for ‘not for tourism andong‘ usually depends on the destination (how far the place to go is).


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